"al-CIA-duh" light accuses "al-CIA-duh" Syria of War Crimes.

More shocking news from Syria. "al-CIA-duh" Syria has tortured and massacred Syrian civilians, and then attempted to pass them off as Syrian government soldiers who resisted, so they had to be executed. More Salvador type destabilization of Syria, meant to scare the Syrian government and public......because a real Revolutionary Peoples movement from Syrian would have tried to "re-educate" the captive civilians and increase the ranks of the Revolutionary Peoples force, not execute them....this kind of behavior is typical of foreign backed entities to Syria, whose ranks are filled with foreigners who do not really care about the Syrian people or country.

The Syrian people must fight courageously this evil invasion of their peaceful country.....peoples militias must be set up from the Christian minority, the Druze, Armenians and even Sunni.

10,000---20,000 foreign "al-CIA-duh" terrorists, trained, armed, financed by the USA, Israel, UK, NATO, Turkey, Qatar and Wahabi/Salafi Saudi Arabia against a nation of 23 million and a military of 400,000 strong.....with 5,000 tanks, 450 jet fighters...100 military helicopters...2,000 artillery pieces....and the reserved diplomatic backing of Russia, China and the rest of the civilized world.

Secular Socialist Syria must prevail over the forces of Zionist Imperialism, and their evil goal to create an illegal de-legitimated Islamist Sunni Emirate in Damascus.......Which further in the future will be attacked and occupied by the Crusader Forces of International Zionists to facilitate Greater Israel......from the ashes of destroyed Syria.


Rebel Council: Hold Syrian Fighters Accountable for War Crimes

Rebel Factions Trade Blame for Summary Executions Video

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com
The Syrian National Council (SNC), one of the top rebel factions in exile, has condemned yesterday’s video showing fighters summarily executing captured soldiers, and has called on the rebel factions to hold fighters to account for violations of international law.
The video showed eight detainees executed in Saraqeb, in the Idlib Province, and early reports suggested it was the result of a Free Syrian Army (FSA) attack on the town. The FSA is now trying to pin it on a Salafist faction, however, and is denying responsibility.

The SNC’s calls to hold the killers responsible is going to add to tension among the rebel factions, as the Obama Administration has announced that the SNC is no longer part of the rebellion and has promised to appoint new rebel leaders, though there is serious doubt as to whether the US can just do that.

The UN has also expressed concern about the executions, saying that assuming the video is genuine it is almost certainly a prosecutable war crime and will be addressed at some point in the international court.