MI-5 carries out different types of abuses on innocent civilians

I welcome any investigation into MI-5 abuse of the law, be it MI-5's attempt at protecting pedophile rings, running children's homes for pedophile rings in North Wales and Northern Ireland as pseudo honey pot entrapment centers, or abuse against ordinary people the organization does not like based on race and ethnic background.....and torture of adults, around the world.

On the other hand I understand UK government inquiries often are not designed to get at the truth, but give the impression that something is being done......whilst valuable time is wasted, so that the real perpetrators can escape to foreign lands, or go under deep cover.

This is the nature of the Iraq Inquiry, staffed mainly by establishment/Court Jews, and the torture allegations against the Secret Services, as another case in point.

It is good to see banana republic "Great" Britain at its best. A nation debunking itself is a true spectacle.

Pedophilia is a sexual fetish of the rich and powerful, especially in the UK, who are organized and linked to Israel, so marshaling the forces of good, and the innocent sorry poor victims is going to difficult.

I myself no less is such a victim.

("The Latins love their children, but are cruel to animals........the English love their animals, but hate their children")

We must not make racist over generalizations, but violence against people of any age is a crime. It must be punished.


Inquiry urged into MI5 cover-up of child abuse by ex-UK MP

A British lawmaker urges an inquiry into MI5 cover-up of child 
abuse by former MP Sir Cyril Smith.
A British lawmaker urges an inquiry into MI5 cover-up of child abuse by former MP Sir Cyril Smith.
By Presstv.com

A British lawmaker has called for an inquiry into the role of Britain’s domestic intelligence agency MI5 in a potential "cover-up" of alleged sexual abuse by former MP Sir Cyril Smith in the 1960s.   

At Home Office Questions in the House of Commons on November 19, Rochdale’s MP Simon Danczuk called on British Home Secretary Theresa May to investigate the accusations about Smith and the role of the British Internal Security’s spies in hushing up allegations against the former Liberal Democrat MP.

The Labour MP said MI5 could have helped cover up claims of child abuse against Smith, who died in 2010.

"[Will the Home Secretary say] What role, if any the Security Service played; and how the Government now intends getting to the bottom of what several former police officers are now referring to as 'a cover-up'?” Danczuk asked.

Several former residents of a Rochdale boys' hostel have claimed they were assaulted by the Liberal Democrat politician during the 1960s.

Last week, Tony Robinson, a special branch officer with Lancashire Police in the 1970s, said a dossier of sexual abuse allegations against Smith which police claimed was "lost" was actually seized by MI5.

Allegations of a large paedophile ring linked to former British MPs are being disclosed, since the recent sex abuse accusations against former BBC star Jimmy Savile.