Is the "best" military in the world above the law of the land?

In the USA General Petraeus of the CIA can be dismissed for having a mere fling, or other generals dismissed.......General Ham, for not following orders of the civilian masters, BUT in Pakistan, the military are above the law?

In Russia they got rid of 200,000 officers, and are conducting corruption investigations against defense procurement....but in Pakistan, the Punjab Pakistan military are above the law.

The USA gives beggar money to the Punjab military to fight its fake colonial wars, against Pakistanis, poor innocent Pakistanis.....trains its top brass....gives Pakistan second hand equipment, or leftovers from ISAF.......bankrolls the ISI and runs it through fusion centers, trains the Pakistan military.

For Good measure....The USA Mocks the Pakistan military publicly, after the fake OBL operation, lectures them and orders them to do certain things in Pakistan....criticises them publicly about how they sponsor the Taliban........and so on.

BUT according to the Punjab Pakistan military.......... The Supreme Court in Pakistan, the highest court in the land, cannot, dare not or else.......examine the role of the Pakistan military in alleged misconduct......just allegations at this stage, misconduct by senior serving officers, because the Punjab Pakistan military is above the law.

Think of it this way....Gora sahib can kill the Punjab Pakistan military, humiliate them, double cross them, use them, blame them for gora sahib failure in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

But the legitimate Pakistani courts cannot ask them mere questions in a court of law, and thus obtain simple answers to long held allegations about Serious anti-State Crime.

What kind of Poookie Fuckie Coolie standard is this?

Clearly the Coolies being so DEFENSIVE, about a mere investigation must be guilty of Serious anti-state crime.......they've got something to hide.

Chief Justice Chaudhary asserts judicial supremacy in Pakistan

By Presstv.com

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has asserted the importance of the judicial supremacy in Pakistan as clash of institutions and political power struggle continue to threaten the country's stability.

Chaudhry said Thursday that the Supreme Court reserved the judicial authority to take notice of any ongoing problem facing the country, daily Dawn newspaper reported.

The remarks come as the superior courts have been hearing several complaints against the country’s military intelligence agency, the Inter-Services 

Intelligence (ISI) during last couple of years. ISI is believed to be behind several disappearances of terror suspects or dissents across the violence-wracked country.

ISI officials or serving army generals are not accountable to the parliament or any other authority in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Pakistan's powerful military chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has recently issued an indirect warning against the judicairy for its interference in the affairs of the spy agency.

“All systems in Pakistan appear to be in a haste to achieve something, which can have both positive and negative implications. Let us take a pause and examine the two fundamental questions; One, are we promoting the rule of law and the Constitution? Two, are we strengthening or weakening the institutions? In the ultimate analysis, all of us would have served Pakistan better if history and our future generations judge us positively,” General Kayani said on Monday.

This comes as Pakistan is already grappling with an onging conflict between the judiciary and the weak (powerless puppet of USA) civilian government.

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has submitted a request with the Swiss authorities to reopen an old corruption case against President Asif Ali Zardari. The move seems to be aimed at a November 14 deadline the Pakistani Supreme Court had given new premier to reopen corruption cases against his boss.

(Zardari is a $ billionaire without doing any direct business...and has liquid and physical chattels in gora saab land, which cannot be answered for. It is believed that he will flee to the Gulf or London just after the next elections, and beyond the reach of the law, before a full investigation........that is why the PPP has been dragging its feet for so long over its investigation. )

The developments spelled a fresh political turmoil and the clash of institutions in Pakistan just months ahead of the widely expected general elections.

Pakistan in the last few decades has been tarnished by conflicts between the weak civilian government and judiciary, periods of military rule and political instability.

Pakistan has been under military rule for much of its life since it gained independence from Britain in 1947.

(Failed state created by the evil departing British Raj, and the ISI created by the British Raj as an instrument of control of the artificially created failed state  of Pakistan in 1948......their first major act was the assassination of Liaqat Ali Khan in 1951)