New "al-CIA-duh" light being cobbled together in USA Gulf naval base, BUT "al-CIA-duh" will continue the destabilization, murder, genocide, terror against peaceful Syria.


US and the Chalabi-ization of Syria

By Daniel McAdams at Informationclearinghouse.com
Concerned that US/Saudi/Israeli/Turkish/UK/NATO/Qatari-supported al-Qaeda rebels in Syria look too much like, well, al-Qaeda members, the US has announced that it prefers to create a whole new opposition in Syria.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has led the deadly trio of "humanitarian" intervention-obsessed women in Obama's administration, announced that the new Syrian Chalabis would be chosen the old fashioned way -- like the original Ahmed Chalabi!
The NYT reports:
“We’ve made it clear that the S.N.C. can no longer be viewed as the visible leader of the opposition,” Mrs. Clinton said, referring to the Syrian National Council.
If what is claimed by the US administration and is amplified in the subservient Western press is true -- that the vast majority of the Syrian people are fighting with or supporting those seeking to overthrow the Syrian government 

 -- why on earth would it be necessary for the United States Department of State to gather its allies together in Qatar to create a Syrian opposition? (Idiocracy the movie)

Is this not by definition evidence that the US version of the Syrian uprising is a deadly lie?

Interventionism is clearly an infantile disorder.

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