Assad has no option but to stay and defend his country, otherwise it is cowerdice

Assad could take the good considered advice of the British PM, leave his country, with extended family and personal entourage....lets say 100 people, in comfort in exile with no more worries around power, with a luxury penthouse somewhere secret.

Just like the Shah of Iran did and many other puppets of the West, around the world in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

But there are some problems with this seemingly nice outcome.

1. From his secret luxury penthouse, some where in the world, he will of course see his country unraveling, and the abandoned minorities, not least the 13% Alevis being systematically genocided by the Wahabi/Salafai hordes, who have shown that they are not very forgiving. If he as a man can't calculate this basic outcome as the very weak Shah couldn't with mullah Iran, but can live with such a outcome, then fine.

2. There is absolutely no guarantee that things will be peachy, fine, and all love, compromise and understanding between fellow brothers, after he leaves Syria. Indeed fighting may intensify as the vultures and crows close in on the destabilized state. After winning, the vultures and crows may even fight amongst themselves for the spoils, as has been seen in many parts of North West Syria......where the governments writs is very weak.....or Mujaheddin Afghanistan after 1991.......or Somalia or Libya.

3. Can Assad really live with 'Sheikh Alllah Ullah Mahdi Tabligi Wahabi Salafi Bin-Saudi' become the new President of Syria, with beard and nonsensical speeches written by the CIA. See his country taken over by crazed "al-CIA-duh" agents, and operatives from the CIA, Mossad, and other Western Intelligence crawling and slithering all over his beautiful ancient country? See the destruction of the Middle Class and the secular Intelligentsia killed or fleeing to other countries?

4. Of course no "al-CIA-duh" regime installed by the CIA is allowed to remain in power for ever......the Mullahs of Iran have in this respect held a record 33 years, they must be doing something good. SOONER OR LATER, the thoroughly de-legitimated "al-CIA-duh" regime in Damascus will be attacked by the neo-Crusader forces of USA/NATO. This will lead to " Salvador option" type hyper aggressive occupation leading to the further utter destruction of the country by the Crusader Occupiers. The time span is anyone's guess.

5. Assad has few REAL options of safe havens......unlike Hitler and the secret Jew Nazis who were connected to the Jewish International bankers, who found safe havens in Fascist Spain (Hitler) and South America with considerable Western Intelligence help. Assad my Quija Board tells me is the real McCoy.....an unremarkable, soft spoken, sophisticated, urbane, last minute default dynastic replacement for his dad...and not a puppet of the International Bankers, and the CIA/KGB. Though suspiciously as a son of the President of a country which was allied to the Soviet Union he spent too much time in "Capitalist" London where he met his Jet set wife. He won't be welcomed in the Persian Gulf, where Saddam might have ended up if the USA had agreed to a compromise settlement. He won't head to Saudi...Idi Amin, Ben Ali found safe havens there. He won't be comfortable in the West, which actually funded the destabilization against him, and popular public sentiment prepped in the West will mean that it won't be any easy ride for him there, or safe. 

Maybe Russia and Iran are safe havens for Assad and his family.......but this is not advisable, especially with the volatile puppet mullahs forever under the threat of war, and ever tightening sanctions.........AND for a clean shaven jet set couple, simply the wrong country to be in given their beliefs and life style. Russia is still run by Jews, who form the economic elite of the country. They've just opened a big museum in Moscow celebrating Jewish history in Russia........NEVER A popular destination for ANY Third World ex-leaders.

As an UK citizen who has been harassed by the UK State approaching 30 odd years without any official explanation, resulting in me leaving the UK......all I can say as considered experienced advice to Cameron's suggestion is 'take your advice and shove it'. Dave won't be able to Fix this one.


Assad Rejects Exile: Will ‘Live and Die’ in Syria

Warns of 'Domino Effect' If Syria Falls to Islamists

by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com
In an interview with Russia Today, the full version of which will be broadcast Friday, Syrian President Bashar Assad has spurned the call by British leaders to accept an offer of exile, saying he has no intention of leaving.

“I was not made by the West to go to the West or to any other country,” Assad said, adding “I am Syrian. I was made in Syria. I have to live in Syria and die in Syria.” British PM David Cameron said Assad would be given “safe passage” out of Syria if it meant an end to the civil war.

Assad also warned that Syria’s status as a secular state was vital for regional stability, cautioning that if the Islamist factions in the rebellion took over “it will have a domino effect that will affect the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific.”

(Believe it or not some people actually plan for this outcome......it is not just enough to provide the rational outcome, and logical explanation, but it is more important to defend against the irrational)

He also sought to downplay the risk of NATO intervention in the war, saying that the “price of this invasion if it happened is going to be more than the whole world can afford.” Though Russia and China have blocked any resolutions supporting war in the UN Security Council, NATO is said to be mulling deployments of Patriot missiles along the border to impose a de facto no-fly zone.