Democracy, accountability, transparency, human rights and justice slowly prevailing in Pakistan

My guess is that 90% of the population are behind the senior judges in the Supreme Court, morally and silently.

It was only logical that after dealing with the civilian government and its kleptocracy billionaire Swiss account corruption, the Supreme Court, for the sake of credibility, HAD to look at the Punjab Pakistan military.....the institution at the center of power in the country since 1951, after the assassination of Liaqat Ali Khan by the ISI. 

Since that time the Punjab Pakistan military have killed ZAB, and his daughter.....two further serving PM's.  (of-course all 3 non-Punjabis)

For good measure the Punjab Pakistan military have killed millions of innocent unarmed Pakistani civilians.(nearly all non-Punjabis)

It has waged incompetently four wars against India, which theoretically the Punjab Pakistan military losing ALL of them but for the superior restraint of the Indians NOT to take it further, and super power pressure brought on India (UK 1948/USA 1965, 1971, 1999). In the 1965 war these Harijans went to war with India with 1 weeks worth of spares, and ammunition. In the 1999 Kargil war there was no military objectives, save for scuppering peace between India and Pakistan.....so 4000 soldiers (mainly non-Punjabis NLI) were sacrificed for nothing.

The Punjab Pakistan military have also for good measure waged war in Baluchistan, and NWFP....killing again unarmed Pakistani civilians.(non-Punjabis)

The Punjab Pakistan military have decided to help the USA in the fake 9/11 narrative, and OBL "al-CIA-duh" narrative since the 1990's. The Punjab Pakistan military created the medieval Taliban along with the CIA in 1994, and still run the organization for the CIA. The Punjab Pakistan military decided to back extremist Islamists such as Hekmatyar, and Haqqani in the 1980's against the Soviets.

The Punjab Pakistan military helps the USA kill its own civilians via the drone attacks. The drone attacks cannot take place without Pakistani military logistical support.( the victims are all non-Punjabis)

"Estimates range from less than 100 by Pakistani authorities to more than 14,000 by Pakistani human rights groups. Many of them come from Balochistan." The Punjab Pakistan military have disappeared thousands upon thousands of innocents, to bolster the progress sheet of GWoT for gora sahib, and to strike fear in problematic areas. (victims are mostly non-Punjabis)

The Punjab Pakistan military have sold about 800 people to the USA in order to bolster the progress sheet of GWoT, since 2001. These sold people include two groups...one Arab, and one Pashtun. The Arabs sold to the USA came to Pakistan to wage Jihad against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, and were provided training, and arms by the CIA/ISI. When 9/11 happened, carried out by Israel and their American sympathizers, the Punjab Pakistan military treacherously handed over these Arab assets of theirs, who were living in safe houses in various parts of Pakistan, to bolster the image that "al-CIA-duh" exists, it actually carried out 9/11.....overcoming the sheer complexity and might of the $ trillion Pentagon, and that the GWoT is producing results with the noble assistance of the Punjab Pakistan military. The Afghan/Pashtuns were mostly innocent bystanders fingered by people seeking to makes fast bucks via the Punjab Pakistan military. (again not one single Punjabi were sold by the Punjab Pakistan military....as "al-CIA-duh")

The Punjab Pakistani military wage war against the Shia Hazara, through their Sunni proxy terrorist groups. (non-Punjabis.....descended from the Mongol army of Genghis Khan). In fact Shia's are targeted generally across the country, as are Christians, Hindus and Ahmedis by the Punjab Pakistan military proxies.    

Inside Pakistan the Punjab Pakistan military have led the drive of the Wahabisation of Pakistan through proxy hard-line Sunni terrorist groups such as the LeT, HuJ , and Swat Taliban.(Using Harijan coolies from the Poooooonjab with beards)

We fail to understand why Harijan converts with fancy titles think they are deserving of ruling the good harassed PAK people of Pakistan, running a parallel state within a state via the ISI.

WHY these Harijans think they are above the law, and are not accountable to the constitution, the law of the land and the universal call for justice and accountability.

Based on the monumental FAILURES mentioned above, including being at the forefront, center and back of the partition of the country four decades ago......why do these Harijans still think they know best, and ONLY they can try their own Harijan convert "Siphahi's."

To say these Harijan coolie coverts are bad, no good and worthless generally, except for gay faggot parades, doesn't begin to describe their sheer criminality and utter stupidity.

The Punjab Pakistan military doesn't bat for Pakistan nationally, but pursues ethnic policies against minorities which further divides the country, for their narrow ethnic Punjabi coolie perspectives or to please gora sahib far away for a few dollars, and second hand arms. This is at the center of the problem of the Failed State Third World country created by the British Raj.

The Supreme Court in Pakistan MUST look at the corruption, and criminality of the Pakistan military. Otherwise Pakistan will forever remain a failed state at the bottom with Somalia ....

This is a very personal post about the Pakistan military and is not a cryptic generalization of all militaries in the world......this is how it is in Pakistan.

From Wikipedia:

1 Steady  Somalia 114.9 negative increase (1.5)
2 negative increase (2)  Democratic Republic of the Congo 111.2 negative increase (3.0)
3 Steady  Sudan 109.4 negative increase (0.6)
N/R N/R  South Sudan 108.4 N/R
4 positive decrease (2)  Chad 107.6 positive decrease (2.7)
5 negative increase (1)  Zimbabwe 106.3 positive decrease (1.6)
6 negative increase (1)  Afghanistan 106.0 positive decrease (1.5)
7 positive decrease (2)  Haiti 104.9 positive decrease (3.1)
8 negative increase (5)  Yemen 104.8 negative increase (4.5)
9 Steady  Iraq 104.3 positive decrease (0.6)
10 positive decrease (2)  Central African Republic 103.8 positive decrease (1.3)
11 positive decrease (1)  Cote d'Ivoire 103.6 negative increase (0.8)
12 positive decrease (1)  Guinea 101.9 positive decrease (0.6)
13 positive decrease (1)  Pakistan 101.6 positive decrease (0.7)
14 Steady  Nigeria 101.1 negative increase (1.2)
15 negative increase (3)  Guinea-Bissau 99.2 negative increase (0.9)

There are 194 countries in the world.

Pakistan Army Chief Warns Civilian Courts Not to Expand Role

Lashes High Court for Holding Military Accountable for Abuses

by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com
A series of rulings aimed at holding the Pakistani military accountable for human rights abuses and, perhaps most unprecedented in a nation whose short history is one of regular coups d’etat, an admonishment by High Court justices not to interfere in the political process, has rubbed Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff Gen. Parvez Kayani the wrong way.
In a harshly worded statement today, Gen. Kayani warned the courts not to try to “draw a wedge” between the military and society, cautioning that its rulings are “weakening the institutions” in Pakistan.

Kayani said that the Pakistani military is reliant on public support and insisted any effort to make the military look bad was a threat to the “larger national interest.” He also urged the courts to allow the military to handle “individual mistakes that might have been made.”

(This must not pass without a swift response from the Supreme Court, and a general affirmation of the constitution and the law, and that nobody is above the law)
Recent rulings have seen retired generals ordered prosecuted for election-rigging efforts in the 1990 vote, and hearing have looked uncomfortably close into the ongoing problem of “disappearances” of people believed to be on the military’s bad side, particularly in Balochistan, where citizens regularly vanish or turn up mysteriously murdered.

Pakistan’s judiciary has been popular with the public, with major rallies ushering in the return of Chief Justice Chaudhry after he was removed by the military in the lead-up to the last election. Chaudhry and the rest of the top judges have made enemies of the civilian government as well, having forced former Prime Minister Gilani from office in a recent corruption charge and insisting, despite claims to the contrary by the government, that elected officials are not above the law.

Gen. Kayani has been noteworthy in being relatively reluctant to directly interfere in politics, as standoffs between military and civilian leadership which have historically ended in coups have so far only resulted in stern warnings.