No more drugs harvesting and peddling from Afghanistan

Ideally the NATO/USA presence in Afghanistan is not good for the region, OBVIOUSLY. 

From their Afghan perch the USA can and often do threaten Iran, Pakistan.........in the case of Central Asia with a new version of the Taliban, if the Central Asian states don't "co-operate" with the USA....and China and Russia. This is the security challenge for these countries by the USA.....threatened for many many good years.

The other challenge is Afghan heroin which again harms Iran with 3 million addicts, Pakistan, Central Asia and of course Russia. But yet again these victim countries have not established a coherent strategy to oust the CIA/Pentagon harvesting of opium in Afghanistan, and exporting to the countries above through mafia groups.

Puppet Mullah Iran, installed by the USA/UK in 1979 at least from time to time gives speeches at international platforms, clearly calling out the problem. Nobody else in the region does.

The real bad guys are the Russians and Pakistanis. These two countries enable the CIA/Pentagon to stay in Afghanistan, far longer than they should have.

Russia has been run by the Jews since 1921, and the Jews in Russia are loyal to their tribe, and the Jewish banks of Wall Street/London where the proceeds from the Afghan heroin are laundered........so Putin NEVER says a word about this problem, despite millions of Russians being affected by it.

And Pakistan, its run by Coolies from the Punjab military, programmed since the colonial era to respect gora sahib, no matter what negative consequences such naive perceptions may have for the nation of 190 million desperately poor, deprived people.

Pakistan still dutifully celebrates the Commonwealth Games. Israel created by the British empire from British occupied territory doesn't celebrate the British empire.

Iran warns against delayed withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan

By Presstv.com

Iran's deputy ambassador to the United Nations has warned against the continued presence of foreign military forces in war-ravaged Afghanistan.

“The withdrawal of foreign military forces from Afghanistan should be genuine. The experience of the past decades of foreign military presence in that country has taught the lesson that the conflict there could not be resolved by military means,” Es’haq Al-e-Habib said in an address to a UN General Assembly meeting on the situation in Afghanistan on Tuesday.

“The continued presence of those forces, under any excuse or pretext, would only add to the instability and violence,” the Iranian envoy said, adding that “a growing number of civilian causalities were caused by NATO operations.”

He said that the violence in Afghanistan has had a drastic effect on the security and well-being of its citizens.

He also voiced concern about the rise in narcotics cultivation, citing a recent survey by the UN showing an 18-percent jump in total poppy cultivation between 2011 and 2012. He called on both the Afghan government and international players to curb the drug cultivation and trafficking, which bred extremism.

(Also Funds extremism via the CIA)
Al-e-Habib also said that additional efforts must be undertaken to repatriate Afghan refugees, stressing that the issue of the refugees is a challenge for the neighbors of the country as well as the international community.

He went on to say that the security and progress of Afghanistan could influence both regional and international peace and stability and called on the international community to support the Afghan nation and government in their efforts to restore peace and reconstruct the country.

The United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001. The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but insecurity continues to rise across Afghanistan, despite the presence of thousands of US-led troops.

The foreign forces are scheduled to withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of 2014 and hand over responsibility for security to the Afghan government.

The US, however, intends to keep some forces on in Afghanistan for “training and counter-terrorism operations.”