Malala the Swat Pathan girl activist

I myself have no clear perspective on this issue. 

Western military security ops whether independently, or in conjunctions with the Gunga Dins certainly kill an awful lot of peaceful civilians in Pakistan, whether tribal leaders, women or children, around Pakistan.......is it 4000 or 40,000 since 2001. 

The harm against 40,000 is as bad as the harm against one person. 

The Western writer below, whose articles I sometimes copy paste, says the Malala tragedy is an Western Intelligence psy-ops rather like the fake crying Kuwaiti girl, and incubator story which gave Oomp to the war against CIA Saddam in 1991. 

Righteous instantaneous mass indignation that is channeled and mobilized by the forces of Western Intelligence to effect certain pre-ordained OUTCOMES. 

Intelligence agencies use children, often after brainwashing for specific agenda's especially in the West......groomed either as sex slaves, future actors, future pop stars(adored and worshiped by the masses).....future leaders of the country (Barack Hussein Obama......and his CIA parents, being the best example) 

In the cloak and dagger world of Espionage persuasion certainly plays a major role, along with propaganda, symbolism of objects, numbers, colors....  


Why now?

The American drones that kill innocent civilians are widely unpopular in Pakistan, naturally. Some politicians trying to gain mileage from this widely held sentiment organized a march to the homes of the victims recently, but were blocked by the Pakistan military from completing the march. Further protests are planned against this International and national crime, against innocent civilians. This puts the culprits, the USA on the defensive as does the Gunga Dins who help them commit the crime, the Pakistan military/ISI. 

Drone strikes cannot take place in Pakistan without the assistance of the Pakistan military.

So what do you do to divert attention?........and take the wind out of the sail of the anti-drone movement in Pakistan. You fake a shooting of a 14 year old girl, and you mobilize your intelligence assets in the country into a righteous indignation frenzy. Remember 4,000--40,000 innocent civilians have died in Pakistan because of the American backed GWot, since 2001. 

The TTP is an American Intelligence terrorist organization made up of leadership released from Guantanamo, on the basis that they would cooperate with the USA in destabilizing Pakistan through terrorism. So if they claimed credit for this fake event, it would be no surprise, or the ISI controlled Afghan Taliban for that matter.

The above is the view of the writer below broadly speaking, and outlined by me in my own words.

The other reason for the Malala fake episode according to the writer below is that the TAPI pipeline has been re-routed through Central Afghanistan, and Swat, instead of going South through troublesome Baluchistan..........and so the Taliban in that new area need to be neutralized "softened up" through drones on the one hand, and Pakistan military action on the other.

This argument has one weakness in that it is widely acknowledged that the TTP, and the Afghan Taliban are controlled by the CIA/ISI.....as "Controlled Opposition". Why would the CIA/ISI need to demonize their own assets, which gives them so much "Business" and self importance in saving the world, to the point of destroying them through serious military action, finally? One is certain the CIA-ISI have enough influence in the Taliban for them to accept the TAPI pipeline through their territory.

The writer below argues the Taliban accept the TAPI pipeline, but not the presence of foreign troops protecting it.

The article below is comprehensive however, and interesting:


The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: The End Game of the “New Great Game” Unfolds

by Scott Creighton at American everyman

Abductions (by the ISI and Pakistani military Frontier Corps) were carried out in broad daylight, often in busy public areas, and in the presence of multiple witnesses. Victims were taken away from shops and hotels, public buses, university campuses, homes, and places of work.
The victims of enforced disappearances in the cases documented were predominantly men in their mid-20s to mid-40s. Three of the disappeared were children, the youngest of whom was 12 years old (two years younger than Malala) at the time of the abduction.” Human Rights Watch report page 2

The ongoing Malala Yousafzai psyop has been largely ignored by most of the “alternative” news sites here in the states.

You have to ask yourself why that is when the story itself is so obviously custom tailored to promote more war, ISI death squads and drone strikes in key regions in Pakistan (Swat Valley for one) and Balochistan. 

The official story is changing so rapidly that even the MSM with their talking points memos can’t keep up with the new spin. It seems like every article and every interview ends up focusing on this “Malala’s way” forward for the nation of Pakistan which translates to the “CIA’s way”or “NATO’s way”. In press reports, interviewees are constantly required to declare Pakistan’s new commitment to rid the country of the “evil doers” who stand in the way of our neo-liberal agenda.

Unfortunately for Pakistan, they find themselves in the middle of the most important geopolitical hot spot in the ongoing “great game”. The trick for Pakistan is to avoid becoming road kill in Washington and London’s new “silk road” project. The trick for the alternative news sources here in the states like this one, is to not allow them to be run over without notice by the American people who in the end are financing the game and thus may be the only people on the planet in a position to stop it.
A little background

“However, the overriding American objective to promote TAPI is to ensure that the IPI project is effectively killed. America has a history of bulldozing economically unpopular projects in exchange for politico-strategic gains.” The Nation May 2012

Captain Arthur Connolly of the East India Company coined the term “the great game” before someone loped off his head for being a spy back in 1842. Russia and England were involved in a deadly cold war, covert and dangerous, to secure control of the spoils of the Middle East from the Caspian down to southern India. The Great Game is still well underway.

In the forefront of this global economic/energy conflict, are two main pipeline concepts designed to bring enormous amounts of LNG to the energy starved regions of Pakistan, India and South China: the TAPI (trans-Afghan) pipeline, supported by the U.S., Britain, and NATO countries and you have the IPI (Peace Pipeline) supported by the Iranians, the Russians, the Chinese and certain politicians in Pakistan.
The tussle over the IPI and the TAPI is not a mere economic battle; it has far-reaching geopolitical dimensions. The IPI and TAPI are symbols of the ‘new great game’ – the main goal of which is gaining control of oil and gas reserves in this region. The US and its allies want Pakistan to abdicate the IPI and pursue the TAPI only; India has already done so. Now, China and Russia are supporting Pakistan to withstand the US pressure for giving up the IP project.” The Nation May 2012

As I have written before on this subject, the trans-Afghan pipeline is underway but meeting heavy resistance from various nationalist groups in both Pakistan and Afghanistan who seem to resent this pipeline being secured through their country by a foreign occupying force at the barrel of a drone missile strike while the Peace Pipeline is now moving forward in the Balochistan area of Pakistan since they finally secured a contract with Russia to build the final Pakistani leg of the pipeline. 

India is still waiting in the wings and no one actually believes they will reject the LNG once the Peace Pipeline is complete.

In order to understand the Malala psyop, one must understand the players involved and the nature of the micro-political tensions inside Pakistan, which I am certainly no expert on, but I will attempt to map out the broad strokes as best I can.

As you can see from the map below, the two areas which are most referenced by the talking heads in the military (namely the ISPR propaganda branch of the Pakistani military) when it comes to talking about the rising Taliban influence in Pakistan that must now be crushed because of little innocent Malala, are the Swat Valley and Balochistan and they are key regions in both the IPI (Peace Pipeline) and the TAPI (trans-Afghan pipeline)
click on image for larger view
The New Great Game

The people of Balochistan have been fiercely independent of Pakistan for quite sometime. They are secular by nature, mainly consisting of Sunni Muslims. It’s a harsh landscape which creates tough people. The part of Balochistan which is in what is considered modern Pakistan (Balochistan is partly in Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan) have often risen up against the Punjab dominated Pakistan state.

The ISI and the CIA have been staging “extremist’ terror attacks inside Balochistan for decades looking to destabilize the key region in order to exert more of their influence in the area.

(Strategy of tension)

“Although Baloch people are mostly secular in nature, the invasive influence of Pakistani intelligence agencies in Balochistan and extremist religious parties in the region are propagating extremism in Baloch societies. The spread of Talibanism is also a constant threat to Baloch and its cultural values. In the past sixty years, Balochis have persistently rejected extremism and Talibanism in the region.” Wiki

In 2011, Human Rights Watch published a report titled “We Can Torture, Kill, or Keep You for Years” Enforced Disappearances by Pakistan Security Forces in Balochistan (pdf). It’s about how the ISI (in conjunction with their sister agency, the CIA) has been killing and disappearing Baloch nationalist activists in Balochistan in support of their ultimate goal, taking complete control of the region. In short, in support of their efforts to stop the Peace Pipeline by taking control of the land on which it will be built, the ISI is operating death squads in the region with the complicit support of the United States.

On December 11, 2009, a 39-year-old Baloch nationalist activist, Abdul Ghaffar Lango, and his wife were leaving a hospital in Pakistan’s southern city of Karachi after her discharge from surgery when two white Toyota pickup trucks suddenly stopped at the main gate. Lango’s wife said that about 10 men in plain clothes approached the couple and one started beating Lango with the butt of an AK-47 assault rifle until he lost consciousness.
The men then dragged him into one of the pickups and drove away. When the family went to register the abduction with the police, the police informed them that Lango had been detained because of his political activities, yet refused to provide further information on his whereabouts or specific charges against him.
On July 1, 2011, Lango’s corpse was found in an abandoned hotel near Lakbado area of Gadani town in the Lasbela district of Balochistan. The local police represented by the Station House Officer (SHO) of Gadani Police Station told the local media that “the body bore multiple marks of brutal torture.” Human Rights Watch report page 1

The report goes on:

Abductions (by the ISI and Pakistani military Frontier Corps) were carried out in broad daylight, often in busy public areas, and in the presence of multiple witnesses. Victims were taken away from shops and hotels, public buses, university campuses, homes, and places of work.
The victims of enforced disappearances in the cases documented were predominantly men in their mid-20s to mid-40s. Three of the disappeared were children, the youngest of whom was 12 years old (two years younger than Malala) at the time of the abduction.”
…. Witnesses frequently described the perpetrators as armed men in civilian clothes, usually arriving in one or more four-door pickup trucks. The witnesses typically referred to these assailants as representatives of the “agencies,” a term commonly used to describe the intelligence agencies, including the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Military Intelligence (MI), and the Intelligence Bureau (IB). Other information obtained by Human Rights Watch in many cases corroborates these claims.
In cases documented by Human Rights Watch, the abductions were carried out by, in the presence of, or with the assistance of uniformed personnel of the Frontier Corps (FC), an Interior Ministry paramilitary force. In a number of cases, police assisted by being present at the scene or securing an area while plainclothes intelligence officers abducted individuals who later “disappeared.”  Human Rights Watch report page 2

In such an environment is it so difficult to believe that this Malala incident was created by those interested in generating a new narrative which would justify greater violence and military action to secure that key area in Pakistan where the Peace Pipeline is about to be built?

The story has all the noted hallmarks of an ISI/ISPR operation. In fact, there are many people inside Pakistan, in Balochistan and across the country who are calling this a staged event, just like I have.

One such person’s writing was made available to me and the readers here via a commenter, MOMIN, who left his (her?) article in the comment section of one of my articles. It reads in part as follows:

“The attack on Mulala Yousufzai is a brutal attempt by traitors within political and military leadership to win back the peoples support so that they could spread this American backed war against terrorism to other parts of the country. Previously a fabricated video and an attack on GHQ were used as an excuse to launch military operations in Swat and tribal areas. But then the people awoke to the reality of the game plan of the traitors within political and military leadership. That is why even after the attacks on Mehran Naval base in Karachi and Kamra air base, traitors within the political and military leadership failed to gain the people’s support to extend this American war to other parts of the country. People now know that it is this traitor leadership that has allowed terrorist organizations like Blackwater and terrorists like Raymond Davis to freely move around the country.” Shahzad Shaikh

It is Shahzad’s position that Malala was actually shot. It is my contention that this entire episode has been staged. It’s a form of Global War on Terror street theater in which the goals are achieved without actually having to kill Malala. There are many good reasons which I have already laid out to support that hypothesis. Perhaps the best way we have to see that this was a staged event is to understand that little Malala would serve their interests better as a spokesman rather than a martyr for the cause. Thus, in my opinion, they didn’t actually shoot her.

Regardless who’s right on that count, the point I and Shahzad are making is the same: this is the result of a psychological operation with the end game being the approval of both Pakistani and U.S. citizens of more military action in the Swat Valley where the TAPI pipeline is heading and the Balochistan region where the IPI pipeline is about to be built.

The history of the ISI conforms to this conclusion as does the facts on the ground surrounding the supposed attack on Malala.

We are witnessing history: the end game of the New Great Game is unfolding right before our eyes.

Two pipeline routes are being designed by the UK company Penspen. According to Penspen, the project will cost $2.5 billion and will carry 30 billion cubic metres of gas per year from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan on to Pakistan and India, in association with Nippon Koei UK.24 Consequently, a path must be cleared in the relevant regions. The upper route of the proposed pipeline corresponds to the increase in Anglo-American drone attacks in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. Axis of Logic, Oct. 2011