Frumpy, over the hill, lesbo, blood lust, globalist, Jewish, cocaine Mena Arkansas peddling granny still wants some crumpets with butter.

The Clintons are interesting, Hilary more so than the other.

They are both crypto-Jews who are linked to the neo-liberal Rockefellars in more ways than one.

Presently the couple are a source of gossip because of their alleged siphoning off of aid funds meant for the poor Haiti people, but instead these funds allegedly have been confiscated by the couple and re-directed towards building sweat shops using everybody from little children, grandparents, mothers with children and the destitute. These people are treated as slaves, and paid next to nothing.

This is the Clinton's world....exploitation and war, with a smile. People grow cocaine, or Afghan Opium into heroin, or work as slaves in sweat shops, so that the couple can buy $100 million mansions. This is a sad regressive world indeed.

It does not have to be this way.

It is the Clinton's who initiated the long slide into a police state that now exists in the USA. It started in 1993 soon after they were elected with WTC 1993, carried out by the FBI, and possibly Israel. Then Waco, Ruby Ridge and Oklahoma in 1995.......carried out by the FBI with possible Israeli help.

As one Canadian acquittance mentions, when ever he meets people..."They seem like nice people"...The Clintons have all the right social manners that come with their privileged up-bring. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar....the unofficial Anglo-American proving ground for the future Platonic elite. But they are big time criminals with a lot of connections and nice smiles. They have skills at what they do, but in many respects they are devoid of real talent.They are also amoral devoid of conscience.

They are mere puppets of the current Wall street banking elite.

The article below meanwhile is not really about the Clintons but about the fraudulent claims against Hugo Chavez, the REAL populist leader of Venezuela..and American attempts to get rid of him. 

In another sense the post could also be alluding to the flawed electoral system of the USA.


Amazing! 600 Million Venezuelan Ex-Pats Turn Out to Vote for Radonski in New Orleans… activists say

by Phony Pen Name via Imaginary Activists

Frumpy, over the hill, lesbo, blood lust, globalist, Jewish, cocaine Mena Arkansas peddling granny still wants some crumpets with butter.........the other woman is a whatshername star who uses OTT make up and sexual appeal to connect to the masses. .......using meaningless empty of everything songs. She is the Psych warrior agent for the globalists elite....as are Madonna, Lady Gaga and ice queen cultist Angelina Jolie. Their job is to distract the masses by creating a fantasy world that does not exist. They are carefully packaged, ready to serve and eat globalist products with their signals, signs and color codes. I on the other hand can do 10 times whatever they can do, REALLY......but will not serve as a whore to the Globalists....and their evil, meaningless anti-human agenda's.

According to anti-democracy activists operating here in the United States on a grant from the State Department, “oh, the will of the people has been made clear” said Hillary Clinton as she was staring at the breasts of some young chic. 

“People in Venezuela want CHANGE and that’s exactly what they will get in exchange for a week’s work at one of the free trade industrial parks my husband will put together with that Haiti relief money… some pocket change”

Unnamed secretive blacked out unapproachable mythical Activists say that turnout for the absentee voting in neoliberalized New Orleans is far better than they could have possibly imagined.

Within the first 10 minutes of voting on the one Diebold electronic voting machine they set up, anti-Chavez activists are reporting that over 600 million votes have been cast for opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski in the Venezuelan election, most of them coming from Miami where the 

Venezuelan ex-pats live with Cuban ex-pats trying to plot and plan the violent overthrow of various “wrong thinking” Latin American leaders.

Some “conspiracy theorists” like this jackass have called that number into question by making claims like “WTF? There aren’t 600 million people in this entire country” and “600 million voters on one machine? In 10 minutes? Are you stupid? That machine’s not even plugged in. It’s just sitting there with a bunch of dust and an old donut on it.”

Activists point out that “conspiracy theorists” believe the moon is made of cheese. Nuf said there, huh? Stupid radicalized “conspiracy theorists”and their annoying terrorist minded “facts”

It remains to be seen if Chavez will honor all the votes from the ex-pats in the U.S. They should, say the activists voices in my head “There is no credible evidence on this table at this time written in green magic marker ink on Russian toilet paper that proves beyond a doubt that Diebold had ever tampered with election results”

If voting stays at this pace, and the invisible activists say there is a long line outside the voting booth set up in a Cuban deli, then they are expecting a New Orleans vote total of 140 billion to 3 in favor of the challenger.
Pretty substantial numbers, activists say via telepathic channeling to this writer.

“Numbers like that can’t be ignored” activists would say if there actually were any. “That’s the kind of mandate one would expect in an election which pits a decent, morally upstanding neoliberal candidate vs a guy who died 200 years ago, was risen from the dead in a Satanic ceremony held by Hitler and John Lennon,  hates all the Jews, hates all the white people, and eats babies for breakfast, like Hugo Chavez does. He really does”

Purely in my imagination, some activists said when asked about what she thought the next step should be, Hillary Clinton said “fucking nice tits”… then she said “oh, you mean about the election? We’ll have to bomb somebody very soon. It’s Iran’s fault too. Democracy must be served. Will of the people. Liberty. Freedom. talking point talking point blah blah blah”

Some activists said that some other activ1sts said that they heard another group of activists who said they saw a note by some other activists who burned the note because they were told to do so by some other activists who got in a fight over some NED funding with some more activists who said that the election would be close.

And you heard it first right here, straight from the horse’s ass mouth.