After 11 years it is STILL never too late

Australia, Canada, New Zealand have already decided to pull out, and are at an advanced stage of carrying this out, or planning for this outcome.

So should the UK.

For the UK the reason offered by the government is that the time has arrived for the Afghans to stand on their own, and take their affairs into their own hands......just like most of the 194 countries in the world.

For the CIA and the rest of the criminalized drug peddlers in the Pentagon, it may yet be too hasty to pull out..........and lo we have a "surge" of Afghan servicemen killing ISAF military personnel.

Of the 3000 occupation servicemen killed in Afghanistan, I estimate between 20-30% have been killed by allies for specific agenda's.

I have never had real faith in the CIA created "Controlled Opposition" which calls itself the Taliban and its real abilities, which is run by the ISI on a sub-contractor basis, AND where the CIA bankrolls the ISI.

Sub-contractors being the buzz word.

There were never any excuses to be in Afghanistan, and that has not changed after 11 years.

Let the Afghans run their own affairs badly, with the Moby Dicks in American Intelligence/State Department/Pentagon in toe, and lets get the UK out of that place once and for all.


Britain Defense Chiefs Look to Speed Afghan Pullout

Chancellor Calls for Immediate Withdrawal

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com
British military leadership are scrambling to put together a plan that would allow them to dramatically speed up the withdrawal of their forces from occupied Afghanistan following a dressing down by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne.
During a recent Whitehall meeting on the drawdown, Chancellor Osborne reportedly criticized the strategy of having all troops out by the end of 2013, questioning the need to keep the troops there for another two years and suggesting they should leave immediately.

Those present said the chancellor was “deliberately provocative” but he appears to have stirred up enough of a discussion that defense chiefs are preparing for the possibility that when the decision is made on the timetable, they want a prepared option for a faster pullout.

It has been suggested several times recently, including by Defense Minister Philip Hammond, that Britain was considering speeding the withdrawal because they believe the Afghan forces are “ready.”

The plan currently on the table has no additional drawdowns in 2013 and the remaining 9,000 all leaving in 2014, and while Hammond was pushing splitting that between 2013 and 2014 there now seems to be some momentum for speeding not just the start of the “final drawdown,” but the end as well.