Jimmy Carter thinks Venezuela has a better fairer election system than the USA.

Ex-President "Saint" Jimmy Carter has monitored a few elections around the world, as well as acted as a peace negotiator....who as President of the USA toppled a few regimes in the Third World, in addition, ushering in and installing the mullahs of Iran, and activating the Islamist Mujaheddin of Afghanistan in what would become the biggest clandestine operation in USA history. 

So lets say that he has since seen Democracy in action, from all angles.

In his considered opinion Venezuela under Il Presidente Hugo Chavez has the best and fairest electoral system in the world, and certainly far more transparent and fairer in comparison to the USA election system.

Chavez's landslide lead has been reduced to a mere 10% this time round, and is a honest reflection of the true voter intentions of ordinary Venezuelans, AND the massive effort by Western NGO's to subvert the state.

(I do not understand why so many THIRD WORLD nations allow Western NGO's to operate in their country---they are essentially Intelligence fronts)

I cannot fault him for this view.

Hugo Chavez is good for Venezuela, and especially the poorer Venezuelans. Hugo Chavez is good for Latin America. Hugo Chavez would/could do a lot better for his country if the USA empire did not bother him......but alas his country sits on potentially the largest oil reserves after or even before Saudi Arabia....and the USA was eager in the recent elections to install a Jewish elitist puppet in his place, but failed.

Jimmy Carter Says U.S. Elections Corrupted: “We have one of the worst election processes in the world right here in the United States of America,” he said


The writer below is neither a Democrat or a Republican. He thinks the USA political system is run by the Wall Street Bankster elites, and that they have already decided that Obama should win the second term.....and there in this staged act, Romney and his team will deliberately throw the fake vaudeville of a 15 month long "election" show-process to ensure that Obama's coronation takes place again for a second term on 20th January 2013.

In all cases both candidates are puppets of the Wall Street financial elite, and thus do not represent the true interests and choices of the average America voter according to the writer.

That the NEW American elite has a clear criminal disposition, unto America and the world. It is their belief that they are "Chosen" by God, and that they are smarter than everybody else..."Superior" and their wealth affirms this GOD given fact.

Since they have been "Chosen by God", they must make themselves even more richer, BUT at the expense of everybody else, inside the USA, and obviously given what has been going on for the last 10 years, outside of the USA.

TIME Does Gay Soft Porn Spread of Paul Ryan

by Scott Creighton at American everyman

Just in case Mitt accidentally picked up a few poll points the last time around, this time, before neoliberal Paul Ryan faces off with neoliberal Joe Biden in a televised WWE VP Smackdown event, TIME decided to make the working class redstaters hate the republican ticket even more with this ridiculous photo montage of Paul Ryan pretending to work out in a photography studio someplace.

Remember in Sept. of 2008 when Sarah Palin went on Saturday Night Live and sat there like an idiot and let them make fun of her on live TV before her Vice Presidential election?

Same thing.

Only difference is, this time they kinda went all “homo-erotic” on the poor die hard republicans. They didn’t go all out, but it’s just odd enough to make most republican working stiffs… well… maybe I shouldn’t have used that term.

It’s beyond odd in the lead up to the election to have your VP do a photo shoot like this one.

Sure enough it will be listed later, after the election, as one of those “bad ideas” that helped secure yet another 4 years for Barack Obama.

Look, if you want to keep a president as unpopular as Barack Obama in office for 4 more years, this is how you do it:
  1. You run a disgusting vulture capitalist against him at a time when the entire country has finally figured out that the bankers and the vulture capitalists are fucking the economy for their own profits and
  2. you run a snot-nosed spoiled brat as his VP who just happens to be the guy who proposed savage austerity measures (which all polls show the republican working class doesn’t want either) and
  3. then do a photo shoot of the guy… looking like this.
But they would never stoop to such a low as to use homo-erotic images to disconnect republican voters from the party right before an election would they?

Would they?

Well, actually, last election cycle they wanted shoe-in Obama to win to bring in all this “transformative period”"CHANGE” we’ve been enjoying and they ran with this little gem almost 4 years ago to the day

Oct. 15th 2008

It’s a joke folks. 

Elections in this country have become a sick joke to them and what makes it even funnier, is most people don’t get it. That’s what makes it funny. While they put on this ridiculous side show and so many Americans actually invest their hearts, soul and expendable cash in it, thinking it’s real and that they are making some kind of difference, the people that run the show sit back and laugh their asses off at the crap they get away with.
If voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” Mark Twain
It’s a joke folks. 

Stop complaining about how we destroy democracy abroad everywhere we go. 

Just look at this shit right here at home.