Drones are good business

Drones light up sociopaths and psychopaths ......people who live for hate, and destruction.

Drones give meaning to many a career in the security establishment in the USA and Pakistan.

Drones are good business for the American military industrial complex.

Drones are good for the Punjab Pakistan military, to show their "idiot usefulness" to the USA. Drone attacks in Pakistan CANNOT in any conceivable way be carried out without the help of the Punjab Pakistan military. Though they have deliberately tried to cloud the issue.....as to their VERY REAL culpability, with the help of the Pakistani media.(The Western media have however more often than not exposed their true role)

Drones only kill dirt poor Pashtuns, so nothing to get over excited about if you are from the Punjab Pakistan military or the USA military.

Drones is remote controlled war, that is safe for American servicemen purportedly......unless the imperial troops are out in the field, fighting a la Mano-o-Mano.

Drones are racist imperialist instruments of war that engenders collective punishment on poor innocent people in the Third World in Somalia,Yemen, Libya and Pakistan.

Drones are an integral instrument of the globalist one world government which will be used in rich and poor countries alike.

Drones are guinea pig experiments that are being tried out in bongo bongo failed states, before they go mainstream in First World countries.

Drones create hate, but not peace.

Drones create refugees and homelessness.

Drones create paranoia and dysfunction in otherwise peaceful backward societies.

Drones create corruption and failed states, since such lethal illegal weapons can only be used in thoroughly compromised failed states....such as Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. The USA will not DARE ask China to use drones in Tibet......

For the pudi chamars who haven't got it yet..........you would have to thoroughly corrupt the politicians and the military in a given Third World country to get them to kill their own people for no particular reason, illegally against national sovereignty, in their own country, even when the majority of the people in that Third World country (95%) don't want it.

Beyond drones, the real challenge for the Pakistan failed state is the Punjab Pakistan military. Since independence, with the aid of the British created ISI it has surreptitiously conspired against Pakistan.......into usurping power, though as yet there is no scientific proof that these Pooooonjabi Cooolies are any more qualified than the civilians at running the country...AND yet they are and have been at the center of power. The problem is they think like little Pooooonjabis, rather than big magnanimous PAKISTANI NATIONALISTS.

Thats why we had 1971, and thats why we are in the situation now where the coolies are blocking a peaceful march, and conducting WAR against their own people for the JEWSA.......for decades.

That is why their best wars have been against their own people.

Pakistan Rally Leader: Drone Strikes Only Fuel Hatred for US

Activists Demand End to Strikes Against Tribal Areas

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com
The march against US drone strikes in Pakistan culminated today in the city of Tank, with PTI party leader Imran Khan warning that the continued strikes against the tribal areas are only creating more hatred for the US.
Khan went on to slam the Zardari government for not making a more serious effort to end the US strikes, 

(Shalom Mr. Khan, if we don't know yet that Zardari bhen is a mere corrupt puppet brought into power by the ISI/CIA, to give the veneer of democracy, and that REAL POWER on matters pertaining to SECURITY and Foreign policy resides with the Punjab Pakistan military......then we will have problems.)

promising a march against the capital city of Islamabad at some point in the future, while also predicting electoral success for the PTI in the next vote, with their campaign centering around calls to end US strikes and to normalize the legal system in Pakistan’s tribal areas, limiting military control over the regions and granting them comparable rights to the rest of the nation.

(This sounds logical and pragmatic...if fully implemented)

The rally included dozens of foreign activists opposed to the strikes, including 32 Americans who attended despite repeated warnings by US diplomats not to do so. The activists complained that a large number of innocent civilians have been killed in the attacks.

The US has insisted that the drone strikes are “accurate” to the extent that it has been willing to discuss them at all, but at the same time has refused to provide any details about the program’s victims, with only a few dozens of the thousands slain ever named.