Little beacons of hope, where are they in upbeat USA?

Dennis Kucinich was suppose to be the nice guy who represented the moral high ground within American sewer politics.

He has been ousted by the sewer system of politics........and will retire to write his memoirs.

Many Americans such as the writer below feel disappointed with his performance and his alleged deference to Obama. But I think he did as much as was possible within the sewer ...and as much as Ron Paul, Mike Gravel or Ralph Nader or any other "Maverick" or "Independent" politician have done, or could have done.

A George Washington or a Andrew Jackson aren't suddenly going to appear from nowhere, and overwhelm the sewer.......the whole trillion $, millions upon million employee sewer.

The struggle against the sewer has to be an individual one, since time and again it has been shown that any organization which allegedly set themselves up against the sewer, invariably end up being infiltrated, used and doing the sewer's bidding finally.

The Tea Party....for example, has been hijacked by the Sewer, and has in fact weakened the so called Republican Party......or the private militia movements of the USA.


Dennis “Obama’s reset button” Kucinich on the “Disposition Matrix” – Soulless and Ashamed as he should be

by Scott Creighton at American Everyman

Yeah Dennis… the president did hit the reset button, didn’t he? And to think, without your support, it could never have happened. Great job Dennis. And all it cost is an unconstitutional individual mandate, (The continuation of the Patriot Act) the NDAA, Libya, Syria, QE∞, the vast expansion of the secret security state, and now the “disposition matrix” an institutionalized process of death squads from above …

There’s no fire left in little Dennis  K. 

He walks around and gives speeches like he’s at a Shriner’s club meeting or something. 

His delivery has become the definition of “phoning it in”

Perhaps that’s because he knows everything he says these days in opposition to the system, the Obama/Bush/Clinton neoliberal system, is tarred with the sticky film of his previous betrayal on the single payer universal healthcare fight, which he sold out after taking a little ride on Air Force One.

You see, Dennis was the moral leader of the Democratic opposition in the House of Representatives when the Obamacare bill (read as “insurance company bailout plan”)  was in hot debate… so they took him for a little ride on the president’s plane and he changed his tune two days later. When he folded, so did the rest of the single payer dems in congress. 

Now we got a Supreme Court ruling claiming the individual mandate to force citizens to purchase something from the private market is constitutional.

Thanks Dennis.

When asked to explain how and why he went from claiming the bill was “worse than doing nothing” just 2 days prior to his catastrophic flip-flop, little Dennis K offered up the most disgusting and sycophantic excuse possible; he claimed there was no deal with the president, no give and take to include better options for the people… he simply said he wanted to make sure the president didn’t suffer a loss of this magnitude so early in his term in office so in the future somewhere, Obama “gets a chance to hit the reset button
The president will have a stronger hand in domestic and international affairs…“
“We’re at a pivotal moment in American history, and in contrast to a crippled presidency, I have to believe that this effort, however imperfect, will now have a broad positive effect on American society, and make possible many things that might not have otherwise been possible.
“And so I think that the pivot here could be toward a very exciting time where the Obama presidency gets a chance to hit the reset button.” Dennis Kucinich
Well he certainly is doing that isn’t he Dennis?

Yes Dennis, you can be proud of the fact that you helped save President Obama’s mighty clout and from that noble act of yours, you helped empower him to be the “Greatest Man of Our Generation” that he was billed as.

Little Dennis K is leaving office this year. After a career of good public service, this is how he is going to be remembered and I for one have no problem reminding people of his personal betrayal when he tries to redeem his legacy by standing around waxing moral on the actions of President Reset Button.

So take your trophy wife, take you wig, and take off. 

We don’t need your platitudes and your empty promises anymore. We don’t need to listen to your speeches from the high moral ground about things that are happening right here right now to US by the way, not to YOU who will live out the rest of your days in the pleasant gated Green Zones of America.

Bye bye Dennis. And on your way out, shut the fuck up would you? You have no credibility currency left and you ain’t buying any as you leave with little passionless milk toast speeches like this one.

Like Anonymous, I don’t forgive and I don’t forget.

Here’s Dennis’ little soulless tirade on the president’s “disposition matrix”. I think the phrase “shell of his former self” is apt.