Why the Nazi Germany type production of multiple models, and the ultimate production of just 1 or 2 weapon systems of the same type.

Nazi Germany 1933-1945, lost WWII for many reasons (1939-45).

They lost primarily because the Jewish bankers who brought them into power, intended them to lose finally and ultimately after they had achieved a set of covert objectives for the International Jewish bankers based in London, New York, Basle, Zurich, Paris and Frankfurt. 

There is no need to discus what these objectives were for the Jewish bankers, who ruled the Third Reich through Martin Bormann their point man, and the whole cabal of  German secret Jews such as Eichmann, Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, Hermann Göring, Martin Heidegger, Rudolf Hess, Reinhard Heydrich.

Iran is a bit like Nazi Germany, and I suppose the International Jewish bankers who brought the mullahs into power in 1979, have standard blue prints for such regime change, and turning otherwise peaceful civilized societies upside down.

The Internationals Jews have brought the mullahs into power through the UK/USA States, and yet are expending a great deal of energy demonizing their secret protege.

Another reason Nazi Germany lost besides the main one above is that despite being the 2nd greatest industrial power in 1941, Nazi German production of military hardware was completely confusing and illogical. 

The famous Teutonic myth of organization, precision and simple logic was missing in the all important area of armaments production. Nazi Germany produced no less than 8 different armored vehicles simultaneously in 1944, and an array of over engineered expensive tanks....whereas one simple tank should have been produced in their place. In aircraft production it was even more complicated. All Germany needed was one simple FGA --Fighter Ground Attack (one plane which dog fights, attacks allied bombers, can also attack ground targets)....and yet according to wikipedia they produced..these wonderful array of models:

Primary aircraft

This list does not primarily include projects, prototypes or captured aircraft but consists mostly of the most common aircraft of the German Luftwaffe that participated in the Second World War. A full list of project aircraft and captured aircraft can be found at list of RLM aircraft designations in the form of the Reich Aviation Ministry's list of aircraft.
See ALSO German aircraft production during World War II for the most produced types.

German military aircraft, 1919–1945

While the Luftwaffe was not public until 1935, it had been in development in secret since the 1920s, and many aircraft made in the inter-war years were used during World War II.

Fighters and interceptors

Bombers and ground attack

Patrol and reconnaissance

Transports and utility



Captured aircraft

Utterly senseless ! and the Germans didn't even mobilize the whole economy for war...or about 80% of GDP, as the British and Japanese had done. Women were excluded from the serious business of war.

The Nazi German uniforms, designed by the homosexuals in the Nazi party (gay people sometimes have good fashion sense) and German military equipment are/were aesthetically pleasing, and sexy to look at.....


BUT......given the industrial base, the country could have produced 200,000 medium and light tanks instead of just 50,000....AND 300,000--400,000 Aircraft instead of just 120,000 .V1 and V2 were held back for use in the battlefield by Hitler personally until it was too late, and their subsequent use would have inconsequential effects.........literally millions of these pioneering state of the art weapons could have been used.

BUT let us not confuse the basic human desire for aesthetics in all things with what was essentially an experiment regime of the Jewish bankers, which was utterly evil especially towards Germans(10 million dead) and Soviets (30 million dead)

Imagine if the regime was resupplied and retooled through neutral Sweden by the International Jewish bankers through into 1955......instead of 60 million dead there could have been 150 million dead in the world.

So on to Nazi mullah Iran.....it too has similar weapons systems, which does not have one central weapons production authorization agency. In Iran different agencies have different weapons priorities, programs, and projects. Thats OK if you are a superpower such as China  and the USA, with massive industrial bases, but not in the case of Iran.

So the mullahs say they have produced a new shoulder fired lt. SAMs....good. Maybe the mullahs can produce 20,000 of such systems equipped with 1,000,000 missiles. AND yet the mullahs are already producing such systems through reverse engineering, so why produce so many different models?

The mullahs like the Soviet Union must learn to produce just a few good military hardware, through mass production at various underground facilities...thats all.


IRGC tests new shoulder-launched anti-aircraft gun

An Iranian soldier fires a shoulder-launched anti-aircraft gun during a military exercise. (file photo)
An Iranian soldier fires a shoulder-launched anti-aircraft gun during a military exercise. (file photo)


Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has tested a shoulder-launched anti-aircraft gun, which can be used to shoot down any helicopter intruding into Iranian airspace.
The spokesman for the Payambar-e Azam 8 (The Great Prophet 8) war games, Brigadier General Hamid Sarkheili, said on Saturday that the new weapon was domestically designed and developed by IRGC defense technicians.

He added that the 20-mm caliber weapon can target helicopters at a distance of 1,400 meters (4,593 feet).

The IRGC Ground Forces started the Payambar-e Azam 8 exercise, which includes practice maneuvers of various defense tactics, in the southeastern province of Kerman on Saturday.

Special modern warfare units conducted drills, asymmetrical warfare tactics were practiced, and various types of unmanned aerial vehicles were tested on the first day of the war games.

On Saturday, the deputy commander of the IRGC Ground Forces said that the Great Prophet 8 maneuver is being held to practice passive defense in asymmetrical warfare through the use of various techniques and tactics.

Brigadier General Abdullah Araqi added that the IRGC Ground Forces are improving their defensive capabilities.

Over the past few years, Iran has held several war games to enhance the defense capabilities of its armed forces and to test modern military equipment and practice tactics. 



Goose stepping Nazis with the wickedly beautiful MG-42

My favourite....Turkmen tribals, will kick the shit out of any invader!!!!!!

Adidas sports promo during a serious state military parade, using soldiers...hmmmmmm!!!!...no subliminal links to Nazi Germany then?