The ISI IS THE main challenge for Pakistan---or if you like, you can't reform and remold shit. Shit is shit. Tati is tati.

The ISI was created by the departing British Raj as a backdoor mechanism for controlling Pakistan in 1948. It was created by a British/Australian general......... From Wikipedia:

"The ISI was structured to be manned by officers from the three main military services, and to specialize in the collection, analysis and assessment of external intelligence, either military or non-military. The ISI was the brainchild of Australian-born British Army officer, Major General Robert Cawthome, then Deputy Chief of Staff in the Pakistan Army."

"In the late 1950s, when Ayub Khan became the President of Pakistan, he expanded the role of ISI and MI in monitoring opposition politicians, and sustaining military rule in Pakistan. The ISI was reorganised in 1966 after intelligence failures in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, and expanded in 1969. Khan entrusted the ISI with the responsibility for the collection of internal political intelligence in East Pakistan. Later on, during the Baloch nationalist revolt in Balochistan in the mid-1970s, the ISI was tasked with performing a similar intelligence gathering operation." 



  • Joint Intelligence X
coordinates all the other departments in the ISI. Intelligence and information gathered from the other departments are sent to JIX which prepares and processes the information and from which prepares reports which are presented.
  • Joint Intelligence Bureau
responsible for gathering political intelligence. It has three subsections, one devoted entirely to operations against India.
  • Joint Counterintelligence Bureau
responsible for surveillance of Pakistan's diplomats and diplomatic agents abroad, along with intelligence operations in the Middle East, South Asia, China, Afghanistan and the Muslim republics of the former Soviet Union.
  • Joint Intelligence North
exclusively responsible for the Jammu and Kashmir region and Northern Areas.
  • Joint Intelligence Miscellaneous
responsible for espionage, including offensive intelligence operations, in other countries.
  • Joint Signal Intelligence Bureau
operates intelligence collections along the India-Pakistan border. The JSIB is the ELINT, COMINT, and SIGINT directorate that is charged to divert the attacks from the foreign non-communications electromagnetic radiations emanating from other than nuclear detonations or radioactive sources.
  • Joint Intelligence Technical
deals with development of science and technology to advance the Pakistan intelligence gathering. The directorate is charged to take steps against the electronic warfare attacks in Pakistan. Without any exception, officers from this divisions are reported to be engineer officers and military scientists who deal with the military promotion of science and technology. In addition, there are also separate explosives and a chemical and biological warfare sections.
  • SS Directorate
which monitors the terrorist group activities that operates in Pakistan against the state of Pakistan. The SS Directorate is comparable to that of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Special Activities Division, and responsible for the covert political action (in Pakistan) and paramilitary special operations.
  • Political wing Directorete
Monitored the financial funding of the Right-wing political sphere against the Left-wing circles (TRANSLATION: Running Islamic fundamentalists as paramilitary proxy groups for the Punjab military---HuJ, LeT, Afghan Taliban....and so on). This department was involved in providing funds to the anti-left wing forces during the 1990 general elections. The department is now "inactive" since March 2012 with the new director taking the operational charge of the ISI.(I believes the ISI, PPP government!)

1. It is staffed by Punjabi military officers mostly, which functions as a think tank annex to the Punjab Pakistan military, which also since the 1950's has a considerable domestic political role...given its organization structure.

2. Since its creation in 1948 it was directly headed by a British general 1948--1959, and since then through the back door through the fraternity of the old boys network, and Western training of key military personnel in the Punjab Pakistan military. 

3. The ISI leads national politics through the back door by the use of proxies, operating as a all powerful state within a state (Deep State)...whether through military coups, terrorism, foreign operations, political subversion in Pakistan, assassination and so forth.

4. The ISI operates for foreign powers, and against the fundamental interests of Pakistan. It is the lead cause why Pakistan is a failed state, twistingly labyrinth like involved in its own states demise.(KGB destroyed the USSR, CIA will destroy the USA)

As to GwoT and Pakistan's loyal involvement in that war SINCE 2001....the Punjabi Pakistanis allege 700 people were handed over to the USA as "al-CIA-duh". We do not know the true numbers of civilians.....involved maybe 1000's. What we do know is that most of the people handed over....innocent Pashtun Afghans have been subsequently released by the Americans. 

The few Arabs kept by the Americans were one time Arab foot soldiers loyal to the ISI, and known Islamists who had fought the Soviet Union and also alongside the ISI run Taliban. The ISI given its position and intelligence obviously knew/know who carried out 9/11.....right-wing Bush government officers in the State structure, with links to Israel, religious fanatics of the Jerry Falwell type, and financial fraudsters within the private sector and especially Jew York. The ISI knew since 2001 that there was no such entity as "al-CIA-uh", and that OBL had died in December 2001.

GWoT has cost Pakistan $70--90 billion as opportunity cost of the war, and 35,000 dead, 300 terrorists incidents; on-going war against Pashtun tribals; political destabilization of the Pakistan state into a failed state....and where it is now, and a President who is a known felon who has done prison time, with $4 billion stashed away in Western banks. 

You cannot reform the ISI; 


Pakistan’s ISI Detained, Tortured Hundreds for CIA

Allowed CIA to Use Airports for Extraordinary Rendition

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com
New reports confirmed that Pakistan was among the 54 nations actively participating in the CIA’s extraordinary renditions and tortures, but the details show an almost shocking level of involvement in the program.

The reports say that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, the military intelligence operation with virtual independence from both Pakistan’s military and its government, not only allowed the CIA use of their airports, but also detained and tortured hundreds of people on the CIA’s behalf.

This should perhaps not be so surprising, after all the CIA provides roughly one third of the ISI’s operating budget in any given year. But the revelation will likely add to the sentiment that the US wields undue influence in Pakistan.

This could well have a deleterious effect on the ruling PPP just months ahead of the election, though their abortive attempts at getting any oversight over the ISI failed, and they likely had no influence over the agency’s complicity in the CIA’s crimes.