The British military and Intelligence initiated and sustained the Northern Ireland troubles for 3 decades, killing 3500 innocent civilians within the Criminal UK State. s

The Northern Ireland problem should never have happened.

3,529 innocent people should not have had to die in such a modern sophisticated "mother of parliament" state.

47,541+innocent people should not have had to be injured in such a modern sophisticated "mother of parliament" state.

A modern sophisticated State which likes to lecture LEDC countries about cricket and fair play should be able to resolve all its problems peacefully, and effectively.

The near assassination of a British PM by an alleged military intelligence asset of the Criminal British State in 1985, should not have taken place.

The assassination of Lord Mountbatten, along with others, by the IRA, an alleged intelligence asset of the Criminal UK State.

The assassination of Airy Neave amongst others, by the IRA, an alleged intelligence asset of the Criminal UK State.

The huge upheaval and damage caused by the troubles to the economic and social welfare of the state.

The anguish, fear and pain of the 1.8 million people in Northern Ireland.

The criminalization of the Northern Ireland economy with armed gangs defacto running the Catholic and Protestant Communities and economy.

The creation of a quasi police/military state in part of the UK, and its reverberation extending to the rest of the country.

Targeted assassinations of British citizens, by the Criminal British state.

Alleged management of paramilitary groups of both the Catholic and Protestants community, by the Criminal British State to further stoke long term communal violence to this day.

The establishment of pedophile centers by the Criminal British state in Northern Ireland to manage and compromise, and manipulate various public characters.

The subversion of legitimate populist peaceful movements in Northern Ireland by the Criminal British State.


(i) Power often corrupts. The powers that be are not always necessarily more intelligent, wise, egalitarian who exercise for the greater good, but that often given its very nature, it attracts the most undesirable psychopaths in society. Mini me Hitlers.

(ii) The Anglo-Saxons invaded England 1500 years ago, and defeated the indigenous Celts who once occupied the whole of England. The Anglo-Saxons both killed, drove out and assimilated with the local Celts. The Northern Ireland problem thus is an extension of an age old "race war" between the largely Celtic Catholic NI, and the largely English/Scottish Protestant NI settlers. It is a continuation of a old struggle that has been going on for 1500 years.


The Criminal British state can accommodate Celts in other parts of the British Isle, and give them greater self autonomy....such as Wales, and Scotland, without the need to create war zones. However such places are homogenous and don't have huge numbers of English migrants living in their midst. Protestants constitute 57% of the NI population.

The good news is that being Irish is no longer the butt of the joke/prejudice in British society........and a massive propaganda campaign has been conducted since the 1980's by the British media which make the Irish look positively cool. Logically then, given this situation the Criminal British State can now come to some form of peaceful accommodation with the 43% of Catholics in NI. I say logically.....but often base primitive instincts often have a life of their own, which defy logic by any measure.

Reading between the lines the copy paste below goes like this.....during the 1960's there was a growing populist civil rights movement which pressed for greater rights, and better treatment of Catholics in NI. The Criminal Powers that be within the Criminal UK State saw such a peaceful movement as a threat, which politically might be successful. So they sabotaged the movement by instigating 'BLOODY SUNDAY".......which allowed them the natural probability cause of INSTIGATING and MANAGING an armed uprising (700 IRA members--500 guns) by the IRA. That also meant the end of the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland...

And much adventure, and glazed eyed excitement for the faggot psychopaths in British security.



In Long Kesh prison, Northern Ireland, in the 70's, four I.R.A. men, from left: Tomboy Loudon, Gerard Rooney, Denis Donaldson and Bobby Sands. www.nytimes.com

In 2005, it was revealed that Denis Donaldson was working for the British security service MI5.

According to the Sunday World, 3 February 2013:

Donaldson was recruited by MI5 in the mid-1980s as the result of a 'honey trap'.

Denis Donaldson was an important figure in the IRA.

Belfast Football Boys
Belfast. By DanUneken

Donaldson joined the IRA in the mid-1960s while still in his teens.

He represented Sinn Féin in the USA.

In 2006, Donaldson was found shot dead.

In 2005, Irish Minister for Justice Michael McDowell  advised a US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland that he believed the outing of Donaldson as an informant was a clear message from the British Government that it had another, more valuable, asset within the republican leadership.[8] 

MI5 is reported to have run Belfast's Kincora Boy's Home as a paedophile honey trap.
The security services apparently run brothels.


"MI5 ran a brothel in Church Street in Kensington throughout much of the 1950's and early 1960's for the use of visiting dignitaries, diplomats and intelligence officers."

"While for those too important to visit such an establishment certain discreet gentlemen were called upon to provide young female or male company directly to the VIP hotel bedroom." 

Jimmy Savile in Belfast, the location of the Kincora children's home.

The British security services have been determined to keep Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom and reportedly have been prepared to use dirty tricks to control the political leaders.

Reportedly the security services were prepared to allow child abuse to take place at the Kincora boys' home in Northern Ireland.

Kincora was a boys' home in East Belfast, run by Joseph Mains, Raymond Semple and William McGrath, who were reportedly fond of young boys. 

(Kincora Boys' Home - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with "rent boy. Photo by Brandon K. Thorp

McGrath was also the leader of an extremist Protestant paramilitary organization.

Allegedly, "Kincora was run as a virtual gay brothel by loyalist leaders and MI5 .

"Its clientele who preyed for years on vulnerable young boys... included loyalist paramilitary leaders , unionist politicians , judges and public figures . 
"MI5... used it as a blackmailers lever."

UK Prime Minister Edward Heath (left). Reportedly, UK Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe and UK Conservative Party leader Edward Heath both used rent boys. POLITICIANS

(Michael stone, MI5 and Kincora - Irish Nationalism)
Allegedly, "Loyalists have long had links with Zionist gangsters and have received Israeli weapons. 

"In at least one incident weapons were exchanged for intelligence material on British missile systems, and loyalists rely on Israeli-'Russian' mafiosi for supplies of ecstasy pills. 

"Loyalists have also engaged in the smuggling of non-Whites into Eire in alliance with the 'Russian' mafia.

"...William McGrath, a leading loyalist, was imprisoned after sexually molesting children for years with the knowledge of British intelligence – to whom he was giving information – in the Kincora Boy’s Home. John McKeague, founder of the Red Hand Commando, was also a feared pederast". 

(Michael stone, MI5 and Kincora - Irish Nationalism)

Reportedly, in the 1970s, several newspapers claimed that the former UK Prime Minister Ted Heath, who was reported to be gay, was a regular visitor to Kincora Boys Home.

However, references to this have been disappearing from the internet. (cached text )

In the book Who Framed Colin Wallace? (Who Framed Colin Wallace) by Paul Foot (Macmillan, London 1989), we learn about the Kincora boys' home scandal.


1. Colin Wallace served in a special Ministry of Defence press unit in Northern Ireland which dealt in "psychological operations."

2. Wallace tried to alert the authorities about what was going on at Kincora.

3. McGrath was working for MI5; the Security Service ignored the plight of the boys at Kincora.

4. In 1973 MI5 set up a propaganda campaign named Clockwork Orange.

The purpose of Clockwork Orange was to blackmail and control top political figures in Northern Ireland and Great Britain, including Harold Wilson and Edward Heath.

5. In October 1974, Wallace refused to take any further part in the Clockwork Orange operation. He was sacked and he moved to England.

The husband of a friend and colleague was found dead.
Wallace was accused of murder and sentenced to ten years' imprisonment.


On 30 January 1990, UK Armed Forces Minister, Archie Hamilton admitted that several key allegations made by Colin Wallace were true.
Ian Hurst, former spook. 

Most terrorists work for the security services

Lord Stevens, a former UK police chief, is quoted as saying that only three out of 210 terrorist suspects he arrested in a probe in Northern Ireland were not working for either the police, the security service MI5 or the UK Army.
On 21 December 2011, we learn that the IRA was run by the UK security services. 


Half of all the top IRA men 'worked for security services' 
Belfast Football Boys Belfast by DanUneken 

According to a 24-page document, written by UK intelligence officer Ian Hurst

1. Half of all the senior IRA members were working for the UK intelligence services 

2. Freddie Scappaticci, the IRA's head of internal security, the agent known as Stakeknife, worked for British intelligence. 

3. Lord Stevens told Hurst that of 210 terrorist suspects he arrested, only three were not security force agents. 

4. MI5 had a network of agents within the Garda, the Irish police force.


From 1982-1990, Ian Hurst (aka Martin Ingram) was in Londonderry handling agents like Frank Hegarty, an IRA quartermaster later murdered for betraying a cache of Libyan weapons. 

Ian Hurst has claimed that the Martin McGuinness reported to MI6. 

The Petrol Bomber   
Northern Ireland by niknkimnollie 

Richard M Bennett, in Asia Times, June 2003, made the following points about the UK security services and assassinations: 

1. In the early 1970s Rafael Eitan, head of the Mossad hit-squad known as the 'Kidon', toured Northern Ireland and the Special Air Services (SAS) base in Hereford, England. 

Shortly after his visit there were big changes in UK security policy, including the setting up of what was to become the Force Reconnaissance Unit (FRU) . 

The FRU was involved in the targeting of Irish Republicans for assassination by death squads. 

The FRU may have been involved in the de Menezes killing. 

2. In 1988, three Irish Republican Army (IRA) members were killed in Gibraltar by the SAS (UK special forces). 

Reportedly, it was Mossad who had tracked the IRA men. 

3. In 1972, John Wyman of MI6 recruited the Littlejohn brothers to carry out bank robberies and bomb attacks in the Republic of Ireland. 
Wyman said to them that there was "going to be a policy of political assassination" for which they were to make themselvesavailable

Wyman gave the Littlejohns a list of IRA leaders to assassinate; these included Seamus Costello, Sean Qarland and Sean McStiofain. 
Off the Shankill Road Belfast  
Northern Ireland by Hotpix UK Tony Smith 

In the USA, in November 1982, five men were acquitted of smuggling arms to the IRA after they revealed that the CIA had approved the shipment.[98] 

There is a theory that many of the Irish terror groups were Mafias run by elements of the CIA and MI6. 

It was all about making money from drugs and guns, and discrediting the Republican movement. 
Burning buses New Lodge  
Northern Ireland by Slainte 

Kevin Fulton, a former British soldier claimed that he had flown to New York, met FBI and MI5 agents and was given money to buy an infra-red device to be used to set off IRA bombs. (Congress probes 'IoS' revelations on IRA link.

According to one source: "the Real IRA has in the past been exposed as being run by MI5 agents, as was the case in the Omagh bombing, and it appears that the British officials are keen to continue keeping people in fear through this same control mechanism." (statism watch - Real IRA plot.

Former British spy Kevin Fulton reported that "the real reason why the Real IRA murderers who planted the bomb at Omagh, have never been taken to court or their cases investigated - it is because the actual bomber, Sean Hoey, was also working for the RUC (the police)". (MI5 & the IRA!
Gerry Adams Easter 1993   
Gerry Adams by Slainte 

"In 2006, the Guardian reported that, two British agents were central to the bombings of three army border installations in 1990, the claims included tactics known as the human bomb, which involved forcing civilians to drive vehicles laden with explosives into army checkpoints, this tactic was the brainchild of British intelligence. 

"In 2006, it was also revealed that, a former British Army mole in the IRA has claimed that MI5 arranged a weapons buying trip to America in which he obtained detonators, later used by terrorists to murder soldiers and police officers, and British intelligence co-operated with the FBI, to ensure his trip to New York in the 1990s went ahead without incident, so that his cover would not be blown." (MI5 & the IRA!

The UK's General Frank Kitson refers to the 'pseudo gang'. (General Frank Kitson: Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism
Bomb damage Ulster Hall Belfast  
Belfast bomb by Slainte 

The pseudo gang works for the military but pretends to be a bunch of terrorists. 

The idea of the 'pseudo gang' is to carry out acts of violence which can then be blamed on the people that the military wants to discredit.

Pseudo gangs have been used in Vietnam, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, the Philippines, Kenya, Malaya, Northern Ireland, Iraq, New York and many other places. 

Reportedly, the white Rhodesians used pseudo gangs to bomb churches (and murder missionaries) and blame the violence on black guerrillas. 


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