Iran Turkey converging logically.

And a good percentage of Turks are ethically Iranian.

There are more "Iranians" in Turkey, then there are Ethnic Central Asian Turks (7%)....especially in the Eastern part of the country, as the 1937 national demographic census of the Turkish government confirmed. 

The two countries are brothers in more senses than one.

Though it would help matters if Deonme Turkey rectified its current mistakes:

Turkey should distance itself from Israel.....not conduct security ops with Israel against Syria/Iraq/Libya/Tunisia/Egypt/Sudan.......and so on. Turkey must cease being the Ibni butt buddy of Israel.

Leave NATO

Withdraw the 25 year old EU application. It is shameful and a national disgrace, groveling to join the amazingly successful Jew run golf club.

Join the SCO.

Withdraw from Afghanistan and stop peddling drugs into Europe via Kosovo, Bosnia and Albania, the little failed NATO RUN narco-states. It is simply criminal that mafiaises the Turkish military, MIT and police...sometimes resulting in inter agency fights. Iran should not be used as transit for such an evil trade.


'Iran, Turkey can bolster regional peace, security'

Iranian lawmaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel (file photo)
Iranian lawmaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel (file photo)

By Presstv.com

A senior Iranian lawmaker says cooperation between Tehran and Ankara plays a major role in promoting peace and security and resolving crises in the Middle East.

Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel made the remark in a meeting with the Turkish Ambassador to Iran Umit Yardim on Saturday.

“Political, economic and cultural relations between Tehran and Ankara are at the highest level at the moment and the resolve of the two countries’ officials for the promotion and development of mutual ties is strong,” he added.

Haddad-Adel went on to say that Iran and Turkey as two important countries in the region have worked side by side on the basis of mutual respect as well as cultural and religious commonalities.

The Iranian lawmaker also stressed the importance and crucial role of the two countries’ 

legislative bodies, adding that continued consultations between the two countries’ parliaments will further strengthen the friendly ties between Tehran and Ankara.

Yardim, for his part, described the relations between Iran and Turkey as good and developing, saying that the Turkish officials are determined to promote ties with the Islamic Republic in all areas.

The Turkish envoy also pointed out that Iran is a major player in the region adding that economic, political and cultural cooperation between Tehran and Ankara will lay the ground for strengthening ties between the two nations.