We have never built undertaken strategic projects of significance in your country, BUT we don't want you undertaking strategic projects with your neighbors either.

The USA is a selfish arrogant Imperialist power, which wages simultaneous wars against many nations.

The USA as a so called friend of Pakistan, initially used the country from 1954 to surround the Soviet Union and spy on it. Later the USA used Pakistan to create "al-CIA-duh" and the Taliban to further the USA's strategic interests in the region.

Now one of the biggest strategic projects in Pakistan is being funded by a neighbor, Iran, which will have enormous economic benefits for the country, BUT the USA...WHICH itself has never undertaken any significant strategic projects in poverty stricken Pakistan is objecting.

Talk about Jewish double standard Chutzpah!


US Threatens Sanctions on Pakistan Over Gas Pipeline

Insists Pipeline to Iran Would Be 'Sanctionable'

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

The IP gas pipeline, an ambitious plan initially introduced in 1989 and which would potentially be a big step in finally solving Pakistan’s long-standing energy crisis, looks to finally get underway this month. But not if the US gets its way.
The US State Department has issued a statement today insisting that building a pipeline to Iran from which to import natural gas was in and of itself a “sanctionable” offense, which the US considers wholly unacceptable.

Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that the US intended to help Pakistan overcome its energy crisis, but that actually importing energy from a neighbor with a surplus was not the right way to go about it.

The US has repeatedly made such threats over the past several years, and has repeatedly promised energy aid if the plan was scrapped. That energy aid never seems to materialize however, and after stalling the plan for years, Pakistan seems set to go ahead with it.