Surging ahead

Iran is rapidly advancing in electricity power production, with a multidimensional approach which includes 20 nuclear power plants which will be built with Russian assistance mainly, in the future.

Although power is important Iran also needs to build up all her basic industries.....including machine tools, heavy engineering, electrical goods sector, automobile sector, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, steel, metallic alloys industries, fiber glass industries, defense ordnance....and concrete/crystal slab manufacturing. Industry should represent 50% of GDP, with the majority of industrial units being run by not for profit workers cooperatives.

The corrupt mullah Bonyads should be dismantled, and the 9 banks reduced to just one state bank, run directly by the government.  

Fighting and destroying corruption is an important tool of countering the USA led sanctions. It also increases the legitimacy of the state with the people. 

It makes the government more efficient. It allows some of the 5 million educated Iranians abroad with their enormous skills, and $1.5 trillion worth of state assets to return to Iran and invest in the country.....if they believe seriously that the Iranian economy is not being run by mullahs only.

The $1.5 trillion held by Iranians abroad can reduce enormously the problems of Iran. The question is does the mullahs have the intelligence to attract this foreign Iranian capital back to Iran.....what can the mullahs offer to expatriate Iranians?


Iran’s president inaugurates 484MW combined cycle power plant

The 484MW Shirkouh combined cycle power plant was officially inaugurated by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, February 16, 2013.


Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has officially inaugurated a combined cycle power plant with a production capacity of 484 megawatts in the central province of Yazd.

The Shirkouh power plant, built on a 50-hectare stretch of land, had been connected to the country's national grid earlier in February.

The facility, which runs on natural gas and gasoline, was built with an investment of about 247 million euros plus 600 billion Iranian rials (about USD49 million). The construction of the plant started some two and a half years ago.

The power plant will yield an average annual energy output of 3,325 kilowatt hours.

In January, Iran inaugurated two power plants, namely Shahid Bastami power plant in the city of Shahrood and Quds power plant in the city of Semnan.The project comprised of four 162-megawatt units with nearly 19 million dollars being invested in each of the plants.

In December 2012, the Iranian president inaugurated the second phase of the largest combined cycle power plant in the Middle East in the northern Iranian city of Pakdasht. The project consisted of six steam units built with an investment of over two billion euros.

All the equipment of the Pakdasht plant’s steam units including turbines, generators and boilers were built by Iranian experts.