Peace and justice at last?

The EU might face financial collapse....led by the pigs.

The USA may face financial collapse led by Wall Street speculation and corruption.

In such a uncertain scenario why hedge for a  PROTRACTED WAR, against a 78 million nation backed by Russia and China, for the long term?

Why not settle for negotiations, compromise, peace, co-existence, official above board cooperation rather than uncertain fishing expeditions of speculation, paranioa, arrogance, misunderstanding and brinkmanship?

The West must learn to live with faulty Third World Iran.

The UK/USA originally brought the mullahs into power related to oil politics, and this grave error should not be further exasperated by a long official military war against one of the most reliable former ally of the USA, otherwise dubbed the 'policeman of the Persian Gulf"....for the USA.

The Jewish elite expressed through Hollywood would still like a good war where blood is spilled of the "other" "Goyim", but can rational men of vision and  good will dictate otherwise?


Iran Cheers Latest Offer as ‘Turning Point’ in Negotiations With West

Iran Would Not Have to Close Uranium Enrichment Site, Could Keep Medical Isotope Fuel

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

Iranian officials were upbeat today at what was described as a “realistic” series of offers by Western officials at the ongoing P5+1 talks in Kazakhstan, saying they marked a major turning point in the talks.
The exact details of the concessions are not all public knowledge yet, but reportedly includes allowing Iran to continue to produce medical isotopes and an offer to relax sanctions, including an end to the ban on petrochemical trades, in return for a “suspension” of enrichment at Fordo.

This is a major shift on two fronts, as previous reports had the West only offering to allow Iran a trivial amount of grey-market gold bartering and had demanding not just a suspension of Fordo, but a complete dismantling of the facility.

No deal has been agreed to yet, but the potential seems to be there, with both sides agreeing to a side meeting in mid-March in Istanbul to discuss details and a follow-up in Kazakhstan in early April, potentially for a final agreement.