Stating the rather obvious, but initial stages of realigning with 90% of Pakistanis.........not so hard to do, not so bad.

I suppose one of the main lessons learnt from this attack, on the Pakistani military top brass theoretically, is that its better to align yourself with your own people, who make up the rank and file of the military, and the tax payers money which funds the vast $40 billion military empire in the country............rather than the whimsy of the day support of the JEWSA since 1954, and pathetic consequent pleading for "understanding" between "Friends not Masters". Lets not even talk about patriotism, Izzat, duty and God.

Lets focus on "NEEDS" instead......the essential interests and needs of the Pakistani military against the theoretical benefits of USA support.

To be sure a sly well oiled USA official might be able to spin a plausible story about why Pakistan must align itself to the USA, and why it must follow USA directives, but 57 years of close security experience since 1954, and 10 years of GWoT should tell us otherwise.

The USA is a dangerous unpredictable power for Pakistan.

Its a dangerous unpredictable power run by Jews, and secret Jews (Hilary Clinton, Obama.....). Its a complicated country with many different elite groups all vying to promote their particular world views. For a weak vulnerable Third World country to enter into into a security pact with such a country involving issues of war, security, terrorism and military action is extremely foolish......extremely foolish.

The attack on the two Pakistani military posts by elements of the USA military was utterly futile from an American strategic perspective. Pakistan WAS important to the USA military, given the number of visits to the country by Admiral Mullen:

Pakistan since 1954 has aligned itself with the USA.

Pakistan has extensive military training programs with the USA.

Pakistan's military hardware has extensive amounts of USA equipment.

Pakistan played a key role in the Jihadi narrative created in the Greater Middle East for the JEWSA from the late 1970's, and the "al-Qaeda" myth and the Taliban freak show from 1994, run as "Controlled Opposition" by the Pakistani military, at the insistence of the JEWSA and the CIA.

Pakistan fundamentally sustains the JEWSA occupation of Afghanistan.

Pakistani military leaders speak the language and jargon of the CIA (in English in Pakistan where most people don't even speak or understand the language---95%), in addition to carrying out live military operations against their own created monsters, and alleged monsters in the NWFP perpetually since 2004 on the insistence of the JEWSA. Where 4--4500 Pakistani soldiers have died, 18,000 wounded and 10,000 have deserted in the service of the JEWSA......partially armed and funded by the JEWSA since 2004.

Pakistan has sacrificed $70 billion voluntary loss to the national exchequer, and 35,000 civilian deaths and 300 terrorist ops since 2001................led by the Western trained top military brass.

But such servile slavish sacrifice and service is not necessarily appreciated by all the competing groups in the JEWSA:

(i) They may have other agenda's which are mostly for Israel.....led by Israel, whose agents and secret Jews control Capital Hill.

(ii) We must not under-estimate the stupidity of Americans or any other Western people. We must not equate greater wealth with greater wisdom, even though its a commonly held belief. All too often especially in Western security, many people who work in such organizations from the military onwards are by nature right-wing "little Englanders" who may not understand or want to understand and accommodate the complexities of the world.

Thus for such narrow minded people, the Pakistan military, rather than being the useful, servile, slave which has sacrificed so much for the JEWSA, is seen as an enemy which is playing double games against them, and which must be attacked openly and publicly to show who is more powerful.

If such people .........dominate JEWSA action for Israel then Pakistan must clearly and quickly cut ALL ties with the JEWSA, and re-align the nation under CHINA, which is an Asian power and a neighbor which has been good for Pakistan consistently since 1963.

The choices here are not that challenging or difficult.


Top Pakistani General: US Attack Was ‘Pre-Planned’

Bunkers Were 'Specifically Targeted'

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com

Speaking today to a Senate defense committee Pakistan’s Major General Ashfaq Nadeem, the Director General of Military Operations, said he had concluded that the US attack on a pair of Pakistani military bases was not only deliberate but “pre-planned.”

The military bases, in Mohmand Agency, were totally leveled by the attack, and Maj. Gen. Nadeem says that NATO initially gave them incorrect information about the target of the attack.

The bunkers were specifically targeted and destroyed,” he reported. He said that the attack was carried out by US Special Forces operating outside of NATO’s operational control, and that he had no doubt the attack helicopters and warplanes knew what was being targeted.

Several officials in the military told the committee that they don’t trust NATO’s probe, saying that repeated NATO probes over past incidents never yielded any meaningful results and that there was no reason to expect any transparency this time.