If you are pulling up the draw bridge, and cutting ties with the USA whether strategically on even symbolically, yes it might be wise to see where th

CIA is at in the country, FIRST and or running parallel with cutting ties with the JEWSA.

Start with the MILITARY, OBVIOUSLY given that its the most powerful institution in the country and one that matters..........THE official cooperation, and the unofficial cooperation, involving the relevant personnel in service. Which retired officers are working for the CIA?

The main political Parties.....PPP, PML (N), PML (Q) and especially the Jihadi parties such as JI.

Pakistani Civil Service including and especially the police (IB).

Which elite groups from the 500 Zamindar and Tamindars, and the 30 business families work for the CIA.

Which journalists and media organizations work for the CIA? We know the CIA likes to invest in propaganda as a psych-war mechanism, and avenue for promoting and facilitating its policies through soft power.......power of persuasion.

Which civil society people work for the CIA?


Obviously the CIA works with a coalition of the willing........so people from other Western countries in Europe and the world generally come into play (Germany, Australia, New Zealand..........)

A CIA agent is not merely an American citizen with a CIA badge....and credentials.

They could be tourists, they could be business people, journalists, foreign government officials......or a gora who speaks perfect Urdu with a Pakistani wife and children(great cover).

We speak as a lay person with some understanding of the subject over two decades.

The CIA operates as a servant of Israel, and therefore logically given the secret and overt agenda of Israel in the Greater Middle East, Pakistan should clearly distance itself with the CIA. Obviously need to look at the size of the American embassy, which is located next to the Presidential palace.

If you have a commission which legitimates the myth that Bin Laden was living in Pakistan for 10 uninterrupted years after 2001, as the most wanted man in the world, under the noses of the Americans and Pakistani military/security complex in a garrison town for at least 5 years, and had not died in 2001....then its going to be a white wash or "gora-wash."

If the commission is going to re-state the lie that 80 gora cammando's in half a dozen helicopters entered deep into Pakistan uninterrupted, fought for 40 minutes in a garrison town without ANY hindrance from the Pakistani security....and then flew back to Afghanistan, then its going to be a white-wash.

As my secondary politics teacher use to say along with Jim Hacker, ALL commissions are ultimately white-washes that don't really get at the truth, but are an elaborate exercise in calming public disquiet, and the need to be seen to be censoring the wrong doers in power, even if they don't ultimately (Pakistan military making up a cock and bull narrative using the SSG, trained and armed by the USA.......PPP government)


Pakistani Commission to Probe CIA Presence in Country

'Abbottabad Commission' Vows to Release Results to Public

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com

Speaking today at a press conference, Pakistani Justice Javed Iqbal, the head of the “Abbottabad Commission,” says that the commission is moving into probes of the extent of the presence of CIA spies across the country.

Of course it is no secret that the CIA has a massive presence in the country, but repeatedly incidents have come to light where CIA officials are caught acting outside of the official, Pakistani-sanctioned presence.

Iqbal went on to say that the commission, which was initially empaneled to investigate the assassination of Osama bin Laden, had been repeatedly threatened during the course of investigation.

The commission reportedly will also conclude that Osama bin Laden had absolutely no role in the operations of al-Qaeda at the time of his assassination. The documents recovered suggest that he might not have had any rule for over a year before his killing.

The Abbottabad Commission is expected to complete its work by the end of the month and has promised to release all of its findings publicly, a move which stands to create considerable controversy.