Civilian Control of the Pakistan military, but NOT by this government.

How does a thief ask a well armed murderer, who is part funded by a foreign power to listen to the thief's orders and behave?

It is not possible. More than likely given the intrinsic animal behavior of humans that the murderer will end up controlling the thief, by hook and crook methods (the job description of the ISI)............I am familiar with these types of people, how they think and how they operate for over two decades.....their little faggotty games.

The Pakistan military as with many banana republic military's is a law unto itself, which has been considerably courted and rewarded by gora sahib JEWSA since 1954, and by Bilaat Sahib since 1947. The Pakistan military operates for itself, and for gora sahib whose geo-strategic orders the Pakistan military has carried out both covertly and overtly in Pakistan, South Asia, West Asia and in the Gulf where they protect many of the Arab states.

Its a bit ironical and rich therefore, that the Pakistan military should charge powerless puppet of the USA, Zardari bhen, with conspiring against the state, when in REALITY the Pakistan military is the biggest national threat, and treacherous tool against the fundamental interests of Pakistan.

Its a bit ironical and rich also, that the Pakistan military should charge powerless puppet of the USA, Zardari bhen, with conspiring against the state, when it is the Pakistani military which killed Zardari's wife in a highly ritualized way, and then brought unpopular liked by nobody political nonentity Zardari into power through the services of the ISI. Thinking, hoping, and calculating that the Pakistan military could easily control such a man. But even a thief has ambitions, and some dignity.

As this episode shows Zardari cannot bite his masters hand in the process of gaining permanent power in Pakistan. The USA will not do anything that which is uncertain to undermine one of its most valuable assets in Asia, which incidentally has been rewarded with a favorable status with NATO. You have to do decades of long hard gora JEWSA ass kissing to be given such a title. Zardari has no political base in Pakistan even, within the rest of the non-military society of Pakistan. Zardari has no gifts to offer Pakistan, besides being married to Benazir Bhutto, and known as Mr. 10%.

From such a weak position of political reality, to take on the Pakistan military was always a foolish proposition.

The idea of controlling the military by civilian governments EFFECTIVELY is universally good. We only have to look at North Korea and the JEWSA to see what an out of control military can do to society generally.

The idea of controlling ones own military through the hoped for cooperation of a foreign power is out right dangerous and traitorous.......Mir Jafar/Mir Sadiq.

That Zardari should seek to stay in power for ever through the good offices of the JEWSA is absurd. He is an utter failure as president, and this FACT should be faced and realized. 90% of Pakistanis hate Zardari. Zardari's clownish performance as President isn't going to improve with a guaranteed backing of the malicious JEWSA. The country's situation isn't going to improve with Zardari at the helm permanently.

Zardari and his nefarious kleptocracy must go soon. But who will replace him?

Imran Khan, with his ex-Jewish wife and two Jewish sons (David Headley), with the backing of the Pakistan military? He has a stronger character, is Punjabi and of the right stock, but.........he is a product of the West where he gives his soundbites, meets his social circles when out of the country and HAS NEVER HAD POWER IN PAKISTAN BEFORE, save his one parliamentary seat. If by some Hitlerian miracle he should come to power with the backing of the ISI, he's going to be manipulated and played by the Pakistani military given his political naivety.

There after Imran Khan will be interviewed by David Frost, the preferred confession box of the favored Anglicized Pakistani elite, where just two years into power he will have a sorry look, haggled by the all powerful military, with no real power in Pakistan..........certainly not in defense and security, and certainly not in foreign policy. Just another civilian front for the chaudi chutia chamar chamcha coolie Pakistan military.


Pakistan DM: No Govt Control Over Army Operations

Admission Comes in Letter to Supreme Court

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com

A letter from the Pakistani Defense Ministry today to the Supreme Court admits that the government has lost all control over the operations of both the Army and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency.

The letter was issued in relation to the coup memo, in which Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is said to have sought US military aid in ousting the Pakistani military leadership, promising to replace them with more pro-US officials.

Pakistan’s military says the letter, which was confirmed delivered to Admiral Michael Mullen, is authentic, and they insist it is an effort to undermine morale in the military and drive a wedge between the public and the Army.

The Defense Ministry had been sought to comment on the dispute, but is attempting to beg off with the statement, saying they don’t have any power over the military at any rate. The civilian government has insisted the memo is a forgery by some unseen force aimed at creating a scandal.