"al-CIA-duh" Egypt.

The current mess in Egypt is the fault of the Egyptians generals who betrayed Mubarak, and yielded to the American/Israeli conspiracy earlier this year.

Things will get far worse in Egypt under "al-CIA-duh"......... that is was the intention.

Israeli run Islamists through the CIA and Western Intelligence. Look for the introduction of some strange new "Islamic Laws" which aren't actually very Islamic in Egypt meant to divide and destroy and discredit Egypt as a cohesive secular modern society.

Israel, the USA and NATO want Moslem countries to be backward, weak and divided.
Israel has always seen Egypt as its main Arab enemy. Israel is now happy. Egypt has now voted for the Islamists. The Islamists will ensure that Egypt loses tourists and inward investment. The Islamists will ensure that the country is deeply divided - Islamists against Christians, Islamists against the military, Islamists against liberals, Islamists against Islamists. Reportedly, the Muslim Brotherhood is run by the CIA and its friends.

(The use of the Muslim Brotherhood by MI6 and the CIA.)

The Muslim Brotherhood was used to topple the Shah in order to try to keep Iran backward.

The new Egypt

On 10 December 2011, The Economist reports on the Islamists everywhere on the rise:

1. In the first round of voting in Egypt:

The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party has won 46% of the seats with 37% of the (party-list) vote.

The Salafist Party of Light, ('Nour' - puritanical extremist Wahhabi) has won 21% of the seats with 24% of the (party-list) vote.

The biggest secular (non religious) party got 10% of the seats.

Mubarak's party was banned.

The turnout was around 59%

'Islamists' work for the spooks

2. Why vote for the Muslim Brotherhood?

They give financial help to widows.

They supply water buffaloes on easy repayment plans to landless peasants.

3. Why vote for the Salafists?

They distribute cut-price food.

They appear on Saudi-funded satellite TV channels.

Some Mubarak supporters voted for the Salafists, to frustrate the Muslim Brotherhood.

A weakened Egypt now provides Israel with a chance to grab the Sinai. Syria had better look out.

4. The Muslim Brotherhood's 80-page manifesto mentions neither Israel nor Palestine.

5. The Salafists want a 'restricted' democracy.

They want to ban alcohol, adopt the veil and segregate the sexes in public.