Meaningless PR exercise

Over 80 Pakistani border troops have died in engagements with Western occupation forces across the border in Afghanistan, mostly involving fire fights.

The above figure does not include soldiers who have died from USA backed proxy wars in Pakistan....FATA/NWFP/Baluchistan.

The idea that the 821 border posts on the Af/Pak border no longer require permission from GHQ to open fire and defend themselves is ridiculous. This is pure PR bluster.

The two posts that were attacked last Saturday did fire back without permission from GHQ within the course of the developing battle. They were doing their duty....what failed them was GHQ Pindi.........who could have:

1. Called in the airforce into the vicinity of the battle to warn the aggressors. Not necessarily engage them. Within 10 minutes.

2. And/or sent in additional forces to help the men fighting there.

3. And/or tell the men at the 2 posts not to engage (fighting for 2 hours according to Pak GHQ Pindi), but retreat in different directions.

It is well known that the Pakistani military is the worst in the world, and which holds the dubious record of killing more of its own unarmed innocent people than any other military on earth (surpassing the Indonesian military and the Khmer Rouge)..........when it comes to knee jerk reactions against India, and its own people it never hesitates to use the worst form of brutality in its arsenal.

BUT when it comes to gora sahib, the colonial Raj era Pakistan military is confused, angry and undecided...giving out meaningless empty PR orders to cool the righteous public in Pakistan.


Previous advice over many years still stands:

Permanent blockade of ALL supplies to occupation forces in Afghanistan.......source of the REAL mischief.

Close ALL USA military bases in Pakistan.

Eject ALL USA military personnel from Pakistan.

Cut ALL military training programs with Western countries especially the USA/UK.

Cut all military aid programs with the USA.

Close ALL USA consulates in Pakistan and reduce the USA embassy staff to about 10 people.

Close ALL foreign NGO's in Pakistan since most are intelligence fronts.

Reduce Western tourism in Pakistan.

Close ALL Western missionary organizations in Pakistan since ALL are intelligence fronts.


IT IS VERY DIFFICULT to believe the Pakistan military. If the Pakistan military can allow America to use its airbases, and military facilities to kill Pakistani civilians with drones......then is it not also possible that GHQ Pindi can help gora sahib to kill a few of its own men in the army? To please gora sahib, and ensure the continued flow of military USA aid which everybody knows profits the worthless generals only.

Didn't Mossad Busharaf sacrifice 4,000 soldiers, and national shame in losing to India again at Kargil 1999 by launching an adhoc poorly planned attack, just so that he could undermine PM Sharif and prevent a peace process with India, which would have brought enormous prestige to Sharifs government?

In that engagement THAT LASTED 2 WHOLE MONTHS the Indians used their airforce, but Pakistan did not.

In that engagement the Indians poured in 30,000 troops, whilst Pakistan's force was the same size throughout, beginning to end with no reinforcements......5,000.

In that engagement the Indians brought in 300 artillery pieces that fired 250,000 shells...whilst Pakistan's artillery force in the scene was just 40.

The Pakistan military exists to serve itself.

The Pakistan military exists to serve gora sahib.

The Pakistan military fuck things up.....thats all they are good for.

Gora sahib has no respect for the Pak military, naturally.


Pakistan Orders Troops to Return Fire if NATO Attacks Again

Denies NATO Claims that Pakistani Officials Endorsed Attack on Military Bases

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com

Pakistan’s military commander, General Parvez Kayani, has issued a new order on the rules of engagement along the Afghanistan border, saying that the troops should return fire if NATO forces attack their positions.

The move comes just a week after US warplanes and attack helicopters crossed the border into the Mohmand Agency, attacking a pair of military bases and killing at least 24 Pakistani soldiers. The attack has sparked massive anti-US protests across the nation.

Pakistan’s Army also said that if the Air Force had been scrambled during the attack they would’ve fought with the US warplanes. They insisted it was “no fault” of the Air Force that they weren’t prepared in time to contest the bombings, which lasted for nearly two hours.

But exactly what happened? The story keeps changing. Officials have gone from saying it was an accident, to briefly claiming that they came under attack by Taliban, to insisting that they would “wait until the inquiry” to issue comments. Today, officials claimed that Pakistan had actually signed off on the attack, and that border control officials even gave them the coordinates of the bases to attack them.

Not true, insists Pakistan, who says that on the contrary the US gave them coordinates for what they planned to attack, and that it wasn’t where they actually attacked, a pair of bases on top of a mountain. Pakistan also rejected NATO claims that the bases were “temporary camps” and not well known, and they have noted in the past that the bases were made of concrete and had been there for years.