President Trump will visit President Putin in Moscow soon.

As soon as the formal invitation from Moscow arrives.

As with Helsinki, no pre-conditions for both sides.

Unlike Helsinki, however SOLID economic agreements should be teased out into some kind of MOU in written form.

Nothing like trade and economic cooperation to really solidify relationships between nations.

The current $25 billion is nothing, not enough.

Minerals from Russia to the USA, and USA manufactured goods/technology to Russia....with a positive trade balance guaranteed by the personal convictions of President Trump and Putin.

LATER, next year more sensitive issues can be tackled...once the initial trade/economic agreements are under the belt.

Senator Rand Paul can do the initial negotiations, shuttling between Washington and Moscow several times before the final meeting in Moscow. This is important as President Trump/Putin alone themselves cannot iron out the parameters and legalities of such potential agreements.....they will require EXPERT ADVICE....from their respective people.

This is WONDERFUL news for the world, but I fear it will make Hilary upset as she preferred to do back room deals with nations, in exchange for strategic top secret information and things from the USA...and invariably this corrupted and compromised the Party dealing with her (Russia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Qatar, Turkey.............)..BUT enriched her PERSONALLY.

Her $3 billion election campaign came from somewhere, and not all of it from Georgi Schwartzer.


Putin Invites Trump to Visit Moscow for Meeting

White House says Trump is 'open' to visiting, wants to meet Putin again
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After a successful summit last week, President Trump invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to the White House. He has subsequently put off such an invitation until next year, but that doesn’t mean a second summit won’t happen before then.

President Putin on Fridayannounced that he is inviting Trump to visit Moscow for a meeting. Putin further said he is “ready” to go to Washington for talks, but appears to want to have Moscow on the table as an alternative, since Trump appears to fear the political consequences of having Putin visit the White House before the Mueller investigation wraps up.

White House officials say that Trump is “open to visiting Moscow upon receiving a formal invitation.” It’s not clear when this visit would happen, but it seems likely that Putin is trying to get another formal meeting soon after the Helsinki summit.

That summit was politically difficult for Trump, as he faced repeated criticism from US media and lawmakers for not being more hostile toward Putin. Visiting Moscow would still be controversial, but likely would be less visible than a White House meeting.

A lot of issues were reportedly discussed in Helsinki, and President Trump was quick to declare it a success. Officials have been very vague about anything that was agreed to, however, and Defense Secretary James Mattis says that no policy changes were made during the summit.
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Speaking of Mattis, the Pentagon chief also said he is considering direct talkswith his Russian counterpart, Sergey Shoigu. No US defense secretary has spoken with a Russian DM in years, with the less confirmed phone call way back in 2015. Face to face meetings are even more rare, and haven’t happened in many years.