President Trump cannot force NATO member states to increase military spending to 4% of GDP.

NATO is an alliance not a dictatorship of one nation.

The USA alone spends officially $700 billion, but when you factor in other hidden expenditure it is closer to $1 trillion.

The EU NATO economy is bigger than the USA, so if they all obediently raise their spending to 4% then you have to add another....$1 trillion at least to the NATO overall budget.

$2 trillion + NATO budget???!!!!

and of course they'll need to buy more superb American weapons systems.....like the F-35.

AND of course NATO members all have to commit MASSIVE FRAUD AND CORRUPTION.....like the USA AS par the course and nature of such things....where in the USA $21 Trillion is unaccounted for in the Pentagon cook books, and Trump has had to hire the biggest audit in history worth $2 billion....to find the money. 

Expensive Love hotels in South Korea....with hookers.

Golf courses for the boys.

Gold plated toilet seats.

Fat Leonard

The trafficking of Asian children for pedophilia and murder through USA military bases.


Ghost soldiers

Ghost projects

and against whom is this mighty $2 trillion being marshaled?

Drum roll....................................................RUSSIA!  Mighty big Russia, with snow, Communism, more snow, Olga, Boris, Da, Niet, KGB....'Cold War'....which spends about $60 Billion with the 6th largest economy on earth despite being fully sanctioned.

$2,000  V   $60 billion


Trump Demands NATO Nations Raise Military Spending to 4% of GDP
Wants 2% immediately, keep increasing spending on top of that

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Those expecting President Trump to make a stir at the NATO summit with demands for more military spending did not disappoint, as he not only demanded all member nations increase spending to 2% of their GDP immediately, but then pushed for them to ratchet up to 4%.

This stunned many, as the 2% demand is often repeated and met by a handful of NATO countries in the first place. No NATO nation is spending 4% of their GDP on their military, meaning this is a demand for precipitous spending increases alliance-wide.

Needless to say, the 4% is going to be a non-starter for most. Nations like Germany balked at increases to 2%, having no enemies on their borders and large economies. Expecting Germany to more than triple their military spending chasing this new level is even more unrealistic.

The 4% demand is so sudden that it raises questions about whether Trump’s comments are a sincere proposal of policy, or just part of an attempt to bargain the NATO nations up, in hopes that 2% will seem a lot less unreasonable by comparison.

The higher number is in keeping with President Trump’s desire to see NATO nations pay “their fair share” to the alliance, but aims so high it would counsel a big military spending increase for everybody, meaning it is almost certain to be universally opposed.