Russia under Putin is not a threat to the USA.

President Putin had great relations with President Bush (43) where the two men gazed at each others eyes deeply and lovingly; Invited to the Crawford Ranch in Texas; Putin went fishing privately with the Bush family...and much more.

With President Obummer (44) ...for reasons related to Hilary as Secretary of State more than anything else....the relationship became schizophrenic...... on the one hand a lot of covert COOPERATION TOOK PLACE...between Russia and the USA, which benefited Hilary....mostly....Uranium deals with FBI director Robert Mueller involved...and $145 million going to Hilary, and $400 million from Bill Browder stolen from Russia going to the Hilary campaign;  state of the art missile technology going from the USA to Russia ....resulting in setting up a tech city Skolkovo...(The USA solely industrialized and financed the Soviet Unions Development 1921---1991).


Finally, a huge army of Russian nationals were hired into the 1000's of jobs offered by an incoming new party in Washington......Reset button.

On the other hand the Ukraine Coup against Russia, and its interests there; Syria and much more...sanctions...violent vilification of Russia as a NEW HITLER, and the evil new empire.

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President Trump (45) has no prior relationship with Russia....BUT did promise to his base that he would bring peace with Russia, and avert nuclear holocaust...and instead focus on making America great again. For the Deep State and DNC this was the crime of the century to EVEN have such a desire.

For the DEEP STATE the gravy train only flows when Russia exists as an ENEMY....within perception management amongst other manufactured threats.


Trump: Russia Doesn’t Pose a Threat to US

Contradicts Coats' claim Russian hostile activities continue
esagsat antiwar.com

On Wednesday, President Trump told reporters that he is the toughest president against Russia in American history, saying he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin understands that. He told the media that Russia no longer poses a threat to the US.
This comment, as with every other post-summit comment suggesting anything short of full hostility toward Russia, fueled condemnations from lawmakers, with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) demanding Trump walk back the comments.

Trump’s comments seemingly contradicted the position of his Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, who after the summit claimed Russia’s “hostile activities” are continuing and expressed concern Russia would try to meddle in America’s mid-term elections.

The White House offered its own statement denying that Trump ever made the statement in the first place, presenting his comment as a refusal to comment to the media at all, as opposed to a comment to the media.