Ariana before Brzezinski and the CIA

Afghanistan was a proud independent country that was self contained.

The problem started in 1978, when the Soviet Union installed a puppet in place of the legitimate ruler.

The USA in response still in Cold War mood even after Carter was elected, formulated a policy from July 1979, known as the 'Bear Trap' by Brzezinski which was a globalist policy around funding and sponsoring Islamic fighters from Afghanistan and around the world to topple the Communist regime in Afghanistan.......the idea being the 'Islamist' Mujaheddin would pull in a huge Soviet military force into Afghanistan to protect the Communist government in Kabul, and also prevent the spread of Islamic Fundamentalism from MULLAH IRAN and AFGHANISTAN into the Soviet Union. (Central Asia and the Caucasus is Muslim, and 20% of the Soviet Unions population was Muslim.)........thus creating the Vietnam for the Soviet Union...payback by the USA...and the Bear Trap.

Syria is a different situation for Russia. Russia no longer fights using Soviet Union WWII tactics, but has upgraded her tactics for the 21st century. Only small contingents of Russian military personnel are involved in Syria, and they are rotated quite frequently...and not when they are dead or physically and mentally exhausted. FINALLY, less than 1% of the Russian security budget goes to the Syrian adventure. (New weapons are tested in Syria; a military alliance and deeper cooperation is emerging between Russia, Iran, Syria and Iraq)....ALL this attracts the attention of Turkey, Jordan and Egypt.

A Eurasian security structure is also emerging around RUSSIA for the 21st century.

  • Between July 1979---1989 the USA using the CIA, British Intelligence, MOSSAD and ISI conduct one of the largest covert operation...which would amount to $2 billion a year, training 100,000 Afghan Mujaheddin in Pakistan....arming them and funding them. The money for the Afghan Mujaheddin would ONLY go to certified Islamic Fundamentalists, and the more extremist the better.(Gulbeddin Hekmatyar) .....No CIA money for Afghan Monarchists, Constitutionalists or any other shade of politics that represented MOST Afghans. 
  • From 1984 foreign non-Afghan Islamist fighters were invited to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets...including CIA agent Osama Bin Laden.
  • Half the funding for the Mujaheddin would come from the USA, and half from the GCC.
  • The CIA introduced and bolstered through Pakistan a booming narcotics trade to increase the fiances of the Mujaheddin....from Afghanistan, using the Islamic Mujaheddin.
  • The CIA backed Mossad/ISI trained Mujaheddin were unable to run Afghanistan, and squabbled after the Soviet Union withdrew.
  • In 1994, the CIA then created a new Islamist group with the aid of the ISI----the Taliban. The Taliban's mission would be to consolidate and control Afghanistan for the CIA. 
  • In 1996, the CIA transferred their agent Tim Osman' aka Osama Bin Laden to Afghanistan from Sudan, and gave him a new MEME...'Al-CIA-duh'...the database..run and operated by the CIA/MOSSAD.
  • 'al-CIA-duh' reputedly with Tim Osman's leadership carried out terrorism in the Greater Middle East and Africa, and SE Asia.  'al-CIA-duh' was also transported to the Balkans from Afghanistan to fight in Bosnia from 1995.
  • The CIA and USA Bush carry out 9/11---Killing 3,000 American Civilians mainly, in Noo Ywak. ....The Jewish Neocon 'A Clean Break document' (1996) written for Netanyahu, and Project for A New American Century' (2000)....The sanitized American version is published by the Jewish Neocons again, and 'al-CIA-duh' becomes the PERFECT FOIL for such a evil dastardly Jewish Globalist plan.
  • The USA invades Afghanistan in November 2001.