Donald Trump has demanded that Julian Assange be free, finally

Julian Assange is held hostage in the Ecuadorian Embassy as a 6 year sentenced prisoner, with no internet connectivity and isolation due to her Majesty's government.

$30 million dollars or more have been expended by the UK security services trying to apprehend him as soon as he leaves the Embassy.


1. Small technical issue: The UK legal authorities say Julian Assange has skipped bail.(Skipped bail into a virtual prison for 6 years......hmmmmm! Because of the action/activities of the UK authorities, and the implied desire of the USA....AND Barack Hussain Obama specifically....so the UK state is a bit like....'I like you I'm your best friend' wuff wuff!!......to the USA)

2. The UK government wanted to arrest him as a favor to the USA...UK's best ally, for which Brexit was initiated, and with the USA in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen...and more. Yes sir master sir!

3. Julian Assange through Wikileaks leaked classified documents from the USA, and for which Obama wanted him arrested.

4. Sweden wanted to charge him for sexual crimes.


1. Political rogue, maverick, populist by the people, for the people outsider Donald Trump has been elected. 

2. Julian Assange played a central pivotal role in the election of Trump...when Wikileaks leaked Hilary emails, DNC emails in October 2016 specifically to help Trump.

3. President Trump understands this FACT...and also that Assange can also clear him by stating equivocally in a a court of law in the USA that the wikileaks information ABOUT DNC high crimes and Hilary High crimes came not from Russia but from sources in the USA.(Russia Collusion Delusion is thus unfounded by Herr Meuller).

4. Once the Russian Collusion delusion disappears/proved false...then a lot of the other spurious allegations against President Trump will be seen by the American PUBLIC as they really are---FAKE political mud slinging.

5. Once the Russian Collusion Delusion disappears...Donald Trump can go full throttle and implement his agenda, and make America Great again, and the world a better place for ALL HUMANITY.........No longer a playground for GLOBALISTS with some really kooky ideas to be experimented on others. (1. WE don't need 7 billion humans on earth, robots/AI can do a far BETTER JOB FOR US....and be far more obedient to US...THEY dont smell funny, and require less maintenance. ................2. The world is a life and death struggle between Aryan's and CELTS----and to prove this supreme fact FAKE artificially created conflict must be created between Iran, Afghanistan[Ariana], Ukraine, Russia, Boston Bombing, Orlando night club shooting, NY TRUCK RAMMING into crowd ...and more organised by the FBI and the USA DEEP STATE )

6. Donald Trump is then truly blessed going into the November 2018 ELECTIONS AND THE 2020 elections.

7. Deep state actors and fronts such as Jeff Sessions and Mike Pompeo----will no longer contradict the President about Julian Assange PUBLICLY, given the significance of the prisoner in the Ecuadorian embassy to his administration.

8. Globalist run Sweden has dropped ALL charges against Julian Assange.

Julian Assange
Assange in October 2014
BornJulian Paul Hawkins
3 July 1971 (age 47)
TownsvilleQueensland, Australia
ResidenceEmbassy of Ecuador
London, England
(by right of asylum)
NationalityAustralian, Ecuadorian
Alma mater
OccupationDirector and editor-in-chief
Software developer
Years active1987–present
Known forFounding WikiLeakspublication and leakage of secret information and news
Home townMelbourneVictoria, Australia
Political partyIndependent (since 2015)
WikiLeaks (2012–2015)
Spouse(s)Teresa Doe
(m. 1989; div. 1999)
Partner(s)Sarah Harrison
(esp. 2009; sep. 2012)
Director and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks
Assumed office
4 October 2006
Preceded byOrganisation established
Chairman of the WikiLeaks Party
In office
2 July 2013 – 23 July 2015
DeputyOmar Todd
Preceded byParty established
Succeeded byParty abolished

Assange was born in TownsvilleQueensland,[21][22] to Christine Ann Hawkins (b. 1951),[23] a visual artist,[24] and John Shipton, an anti-war activist and builder.[25] The couple had separated before Assange was born.[25]