Trump needs to start a fire side conversation with ordinary Americans...REGULARLY

Tweeting works up to a point.

Trump needs to show face with fireside conversations with everyday Americans, on tv......pre-screened questions.

Rallies are good but again as with tweets, they work up to a point.

Fire side chats that last a couple of hours on tv......have no limits, as they reaffirm the Trump message with the base, and masses and by-passes what the MSM editorialise with regard to what he says.

IS THE BEST OPTION........for the Trump Revolution.

Careful rehearsal can take place, and is not a town hall Q&A.

It is President Trump explaining what he is doing to his people.....that bypasses the MSM, DNC, The Deep State and the GOP.

The cripple was elected four times because he was sincere and honest with the American people, and he WANTED the American people to understand him and get know his motivations for his important policy initiatives.

PBS can be used or the Alex Jones show to make the broadcasts........Fox News.