The old gnome will NOW go after the DEEP STATE leakers....they are already trembling in their boots with utter fear.


Loose pro-DNC Deep State Lips Sink Ships

So President Trump must hire more True Trump Troopers, and replace the 80% Obummer holdovers from his administration.

This Globalist Neo-liberal regime started in January 20th 1993......they have been in power for 24 years....under Clinton, Bush II and Obummer.

With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the GLOBALISTS thought that their time had finally arrived.

Trump MUST establish a massive master plan to replace them ALL.

The Apprentice showman surely can organise a basic employment drive of a few 1000 in Washington, without relying on Goldman Sacks, the Deep State swamp politicians, Billionaires with off shore accounts or Deep State Generals.

Maybe Mike Cernovich could do this very effectively....connecting with young energetic True Trump Troopers from the base.

He must learn to embrace his True Trump Troopers, who are not RICH and SUCCESSFUL like him.....people who are not so cosmopolitan and diverse. Trump must learn that fellow billionaires and military men who exude muscular military power, aren't the only people to have around his administration.