Israel did 9/11 according to Journalist Christopher Bollyn

The arguments run back and forth as to who did 9/11 which killed 3000 civilians, on American soil. Worse than the Japanese attack on far away Pearl Harbour which killed 2500 people.

On the one hand Loose Change COGENTLY argues that the USA Deep State carried it out, because ONLY they had the full resources and control of the Leviathan apparatus American security empire to have the real ability to make it happen....which consumes $1.5 trillion each year, and employs 5 million Americans. With people like General Meyer, Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith and the neocons such as Dick Cheney, Bush II and the rest.

In this first narrative, Israel has no role, but is a clear beneficiary when the Pentagon in the 1990's under 'Mad Dog' Mattis and others plan to attack and invade 7 states in the Greater Middle East in the space of 5 years.......including Afghanistan. "Malice a forethought".........pre planned conspiracy.

On the other hand investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn who has made it his life work investigating this topical state crime, says that it is Israeli state terrorists in MOSSAD who envisioned 9/11 from the 1970's, and is the same decade when Israel started sponsoring Hamas covertly to weaken the Socialist PLO movement which contained many prominent Christian Palestinians.

Also in the 1970's, the Jewish Rothschilds super spy, Sir Bernard Lewis OBE, from the British Foreign Office went to the USA at Princeton University, and started preaching about 'a Clash of civilisation' and 'The Arc of Crisis'.....which essentially entailed the USA SPONSORING ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISTS to destabilise several Middle Eastern states to bring the "Clash of Civilisation" narrative to life.....starting with pro-American puppet CIA/MOSSAD backed Shah's Iran 1977--1979. And in July 1979, the arming of Afghan Islamic Fundamentalists under the Brzezinski plan against the Communist government in Kabul. Then the 1981 assassination of Sadat by Muslim Brotherhood members, and the 1982 Muslim Brotherhood uprising in Syria....and so on.....warming up, building up to 'al-CIA-duh' FROM 1996 where OBL travels from Sudan to Afghanistan...9/11 AND GWOT. The invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq and the attacks against Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, and Yemen. Finally the 2011 'Arab' Spring which uses ISIS/'al-CIA-duh' to destabilise CIA Gaddafi, Ben Ali of Tunisia, Egypt and most famously SYRIA (a state which has survived the Arab Spring due to its leadership, and the support of Russia).

Had the Arab Spring succeeded in Syria, then it would have been Jordan's turn and then Saudi Arabia, last.

I support the second thesis, as stated by Christopher Bollyn, but I do not absolve the American Deep state of complicity.

What the second thesis means is that ISRAEL and Rothschild London initiated the concept of 9/11 in the 1970's, and the USA DEEP STATE executed it.........by murdering  3000 Americans.

What it means is that the USA STATE is an inconsequential witless ANNEX butt buddy of Israel in the realms of security. What the USA is doing in Syria, Libya and Iraq is for Israel......Greater Israel......Eretz Israel......by mordering 3000 Americans, and several million people in the Middle East.

This is a sad realisation that many Americans must rationalise and come to this conclusion when analysing the security actions of the USA state since..........1990.

The USA is run by absolute MORONS......WHO kills Americans for another country. Great nations emerge, with good leadership, BUT Great Empires also decline.

OBVIOUSLY a 20 something INDIVIDUAL ARAB, with mediocre ability cannot just hop into a modern sophisticated complex fully computerised cockpit, and guide the joy stick IN COMPLEX MANOUVERS into the target like some arcade video game.......NOT IN THE REAL WORLD. 

A modern passenger jet liner requires men of upper middle-class background, with IQ'S IN THE TOP 1 %, USUALLY middle aged, highly educated, highly trained......probably ex-military with experience in their airforce.  You ALSO need more than one person-----pilot, co-pilot and maybe a navigator.

It is thus scientifically impossible for one lone, lowlife CIA linked Ay----raaab TO ACCOMPLISH simultaneously the tasks of 3 separate highly trained people.......impossible.

Remotely controlled passenger jets is however possible.....WITH NO PASSENGERS INSIDE....NASA Mars Orbiters are remotely controlled to Mars and back....distance..

'The minimum distance from Earth to Mars is about 54.6 million kilometres and the furthest apart they can be is about 401 million kilometres, with the average distance being about 225 million kilometres' Wikipedia.

The USA state has such technology since the 1970's.

Only the Pentagon has cruise missiles in the USA.(Pentagon attack on 9/11)