Roger Stone speak on Infowars.

The man is close to Trump, but curiously did not take any administrative positions in the Whitehouse. Instead he has played the role of a HOLY PURE Messenger, SYSTEMATICALLY GOING THROUGH THE KEY TALKING POINTS THAT AFFECT THE VIABILITY OF THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION.

Not an easy task with Alex Jones around, but important key talking points sometimes have to be delivered in deadpan, matter of fact style which does not include hyperbole or theatrics.

The outsider looking in.

A good well intentioned loyal friend acting as a guiding light.

He has 50 years of strategic political experience, which Trump the showman/Businessman does not.

He is a traditional Conservative Republican.

He is of Hungarian descent.

He is not corrupt, or someone who enjoys torturing and killing babies (A must before you can work for the Rothschilds of London)

Unlike the Globalists he genuinely loves the USA.

He is pro-Israel, but is not a Chrsitian Zionist.

Trump needs to lose his child like 'daddy you will protect me from the DNC/Deep State' fascination with the military.

The American military CANNOT solve the USA's enormous problems. They simply don't have the IQ, and the expertise. They are repetitive and monotone.....left right left right left right left right left right......

ALSO, the USA military has contributed to America's problems by participating in the DEEP STATES agenda to convert the country into an East German style, hyper secure police state....where one in four of the citizens worked for the state security apparatus.

9/11 could not have been pulled off without the cooperation of the Pentagon. Impossible.......and the murder of 3000 Americans and 4 million Muslims since 1990.

In fact if it were a business, the Pentagon would be the worst enterprise/MNC in the world, where failure is a success, and defeat is a victory.