More DNC agitprop and DIVERSION with destabilization as cover from Clintongate


Cointelpro Mueller is another aspect of this.....

Russiagate is another aspect of this...

The administration leaks is another aspect of this...

The media MSM onslaught against Trump is another aspect of this...

Trumps counter-move must be:

1. Continue the economic reforms, and public jobs drive

2. Tighten up his ship of state, with more true Trump Troopers....quickly through the networks of his base.

3. Attack the DNC on many fronts......opening investigations into everybody in the DNC, including the cleaning ladies.

old Gnome Sessions is not equipped to do 3. Strange looking Rod Rosenstein, is a bi-partisan blank appointee of the Deep State who appointed Mueller.......he first needs to go. 

Fox news: 354 out of 577 current administration positions that require congressional approval have been left blank by the Trump administration......no nominees. Is the Apprentice gameshow host hoping for bigger commissions from the nominees to those positions, or is he just lazy??
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We must not rely on the Washington post statistics.