Caveman Jones says the former first 'LADY' is a man.


This is very Jewey

Netanyahu loves to relax in NY, by watching gay couples making erotic love on the stage.

Obummer was preoccupied with tranny toilets whilst America was being destroyed.

DECEPTION is also very Jewey, that which is all not what it appears.

The DNC is very Jewey.

Paedophilia HQ in Israel is Jewey.

I don't however buy his excuse for not formally interviewing, President elect Donald Trump when it was offered to him in January 2017. Desperate, isolated President Trump needs to press flesh and glad hand fellow travellers face to face WHENEVER HE CAN in formal interviews, and Infowars should not deny him this opportunity.  This process becomes an affirmation of who Trump is and why he was elected by the people...and his base. It is disingenuous for Jones to say that Trump would merely come on his show to pat him on his back. 

Now if Alex knows he is not good at interviews with prominent people.....that is not a problem. (i) You PLAN the interview in advance with talking points, in language the base understand. (ii) You use David Knight who appears more sophisticated at this instead of Alex Jones.....BUT Infowars must take the opportunity to fly the flag and link up with the President, just as he is being isolated and misguided with the wrong policy moves....'My instincts tell me not to escalate in Afghanistan.......' That is a man and a President who is isolated by the DEEP STATE.

Alex also was not interested in a Whitehouse Press Pass.....again providing lame implausible excuses.  Eventually sending very old, Dr. Jerome Corsi who appears to have no PRESENCE in the front row of these DAILY PRESS briefings. Jerome Corsi should be sitting in the front row, joyfully highlighting and bantering with Huckabee about Trump policies....or David Knight, or Watson.

Now if Jones is SCARED that Trump will be bumped -off soon by the DEEP STATE, and he doesn't want to have a face to face with such a president.....THEN yes I 'understand'. Then I say to Jones good luck to you, and your alternative media meme.

This is not dedicated to Obummer and 'Michael'.