ISIS Toyota brand name pick ups come from the State Department

I had thought that they were provided by the Pentagon or the CIA.....but it seems they were provided by the State Department according to the article below.

You have this false image that the State Department is filled with middle class/affluent  people, educated, who are bookish, and don't go in for this kind of thing.

They were originally given clandestinely to the 'moderate' Syrian terrorists who passed them on to the CIA's ISIS.

Or put it another broader way..... Islamic terrorism is a clandestine American operation....since the USA in the 1970's brought the Bernard Lewis 'Clash of Civilization' MEME.

Toyota ........Japan...Kamikaze...7....11....24 and the rest of the BS from the Oui-Ja board wallahs of the utterly corrupted empire in decline....lights on during the day.....white cars....keys on the car....its doomed its doomed its doomed Foooooh(3)

Babylonian curse.



How Did ISIS Get All Those Toyota Trucks?


Recently the Department of the Treasury, responsible for keeping track of sanctions and violations of sanctions, turned its bureaucratic eye toward the massive convoys of Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks in possession of ISIS. How the heck did they get such a massive fleet of identical tactical war-machines? They put some pressure on Toyota at first: do you know anything about how these bad guys got all the trucks? Toyota had no clue, as it only makes cars.

But just down the road the answer had been obvious for several years: the State Department had long been providing these Toyotas to its "Free Syrian Army" which, as Syria expert Josh Landis at the University of Oklahoma asserts, somehow manages to deliver between 60 and 80 percent of its US-supplied goodies to ISIS or al-Qaeda. How did ISIS get the Toyotas? From the State Department.

Ron Paul Institute Executive Director joins Sputnik News to discuss the Toyota fiasco and the larger Afghanistanization of the Syria conflict on Radio Sputnik yesterday. Is Zbigniew Brzezinski riding again, taking the US to oblivion this time? Listen to the full interview with Daniel McAdams on Radio Sputnik to find out...
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