Air defense for India


In the country where missiles were first used 400 years ago, by Mughal armies and 230 years ago by Tipu Sultan, it is good to hear that India is willing to purchase the excellent S-400. Though one does not see how a mere 12 such systems is a 'Game changer'....China will have them and so will Pakistan (Chinese version). Russia has 1000 S-300 systems from 1979.....and India will need about 500 such systems eventually MANUFACTURED in India (S-400).......so India needs to get the license production rights from Russia (Make in India).

This is what it means to be a 'Great Power'.

India also needs to Purchase about 400 Su-35's from Russia for $40 billion whilst India waits for full production of the 5th generation Su-T50 in Make in India.......and India's own stealth jet project at least 15 years away.....going on past experience. India shamefully for a 'Great Power' is going to spend at least $300 billion in the next 10 years on foreign arms purchases. (2015--2025)...to feed the pig swill troughs of the arms middle men in and around Delhi, their allied netas and babus and serving military men in the huge kick back industry.

So $40 billion for 400 Su-35's is a small fraction of that overall arms spree. 

The Rafael deal was a waste.....as the Su-30MKI out performs the Rafael at all levels.....so why the need to diversify? The Indian airforce is starting to look like an airfarce museum with aircraft from around the world.

The Tejas is not sexy but a good ground attack aircraft, support aircraft and trainer....and most importantly Indian designed and manufactured. The Indian airforce and indeed the Indian armed forces don't need the best advertised weapons from the global arms bazaar. What the Indian armed forces need is mediocre, but reliable Indian manufactured weapons systems from India.

The USA, Russia and China ........don't import a lot of their arms for clear strategic reasons, and economic reasons. 

India is a land power that needs to focus on the re-tooling the army as a matter of priority, then the airfarce.


India eyes safer skies with Russian S-400 Triumf

Russian S-400 Triumf Air Defense System