elite Oligarchs don't work for the country...but for themselves.



Brabantian comments:

EU Migrant 'refugee' crisis - facts that EU leaders are hiding:

(1) Most of the 'Syrians' (etc) now invading Europe had been living quite comfortably among fellow Muslims in Turkey for several years

(2) Recently, Erdogan's Turkey and US-Nato decided to 'Release the Kraken!'.

They told hundreds of thousands of Syrian (etc) campers their support will be cut, and they should / must 'go to the EU'.

Erdogan's Turkey/US/NATO & assisted them with directions and transit to the EU; and not to Arab-Muslim countries with the same religion, language, culture as most migrants

(3) Merkel and EU leaders know all this but are hiding it.

They are promoting the 'Syrian refugee crisis' in order to:

(a) Overwhelm the EU border countries - in order to assist the oligarchs of Germany, France and the UK to dominate and exploit the people.

(b) Begin destroying the EU's middle classes by overwhelming and crashing the EU's social benefit systems, thus impoverishing the EU to allow for better oligarch exploitation and control.

(c) Begin destabilising EU societies via cultural conflict, and, the insertion of many jihadis groomed by US-Nato-Israel - fostering ethnic hatred and 'terror' to detract from oligarch exploitation.

(d) Give a pretext to Nato-USA-Israel to bomb-attack-destroy Syria, because:

(i) Syria supplies and supports Lebanon's Hezbollah which defeated Israel in battle.

(ii) Syria's secular tolerant multi-religious polity is the target for destruction by chaos-seeking Nato-USA-Israel.

(iii) Syria gives an important Mediterranean naval base to Russia.

(iv) Syria is in path of the Qatar-Saudi-Nato pipeline dreams to shunt aside Iran and Russia.