Whilst Pakistan needs Iran's gas and oil, coal is the cheapest viable option for generating electricity.

Pakistan does need Iranian gas and oil.

Since there has been a lack of national will to explore for gas and oil comprehensively in all Pakistan and especially in Baluchistan due to elite corruption in the Punjab, it makes sound sense to import oil and gas from neighboring Iran. Both for Geo-strategic reasons, and economic reasons.

Iranian oil and gas is required for the Pakistani service sector, the industrial sector and the primary sector. China this year became the biggest importer of oil, surpassing the USA only because her economy is growing strongly through wise balanced economic policies based on investment in infrastructure and further industrial development. This demand for oil and gas is the same pattern in ALL LEDC countries, to varying degrees.

So Pakistan's economy requiring oil and gas is without question.

However electricity generation is another matter, all together.

Electricity generation in Pakistan has been stagnant since 2008, effectively when it was around 93 billion kWh, and in the last 5 years it has actually declined slightly to about about 90.

This can be attributed to the Pakistan military, under whom many key sectors of the economy were directly run, but whose direct helping hand was withdrawn as of 2008. For the military out of power, maybe they perceived that they had a vested interests in destabilizing Pakistan, and to further give the appearance that the civilian government was incapable of delivering on all essential matters of the State, such as security, food and power.

The other factor for the poor performance could simply be the civilian government itself headed by Mr. 10%, and his corrupt kleptocracy of cronies. That Mr. 10% has been too busy wheeling and dealing to substantively focus on the strategic needs of Pakistan....and that he has had 5 long years to get his game together in the electricity sector, but hasn't quite managed it.

From wikipedia:

  • Electricity – total installed capacity: 19,505 MW (2007)
  • Electricity – Sources (2007)
    • fossil fuel – 12,580 MW – 65% of total
    • hydro – 6,463 MW – 33% of total
    • nuclear – 462 MW – 2% of total

    (i) Nuclear power is alleged to be cheap, but it takes years and years to get a nuclear plant fully up and running (ask the Iranians); the initial investments cost are expensive....Pakistan needs a lot of electricity NOW.

    (ii) Pakistan still has a lot of hyrdo-electric potential ..."The single renewable energy resource that Pakistan possesses in abundance is hydropower, the most environmental friendly, cheapest source of energy. It has a potential of more than 45,000-50,000MW.  " Diamer-Bhasha Dam project is promising, but will finish in the middle of the next decade. It costs $13 billion . The Kalabagh dam project has been on and off for 40 years, may cost over $10 billion...but many disputes surround it.
    In the strategic Gilgit Baltistan province ALONE has maximum hydro electricity resources as compared to anywhere in the country. The major hydro electricity sites are as under:
  • Diamir Basha Dam - 4500 MW
  • Bunji - 5400 MW
  • Other small and medium size projects - 22,000 MW   
  (iii) Oil and gas are too expensive to be used to generate electricity given current levels of prices.

(iv) Coal is another energy source which is little used. In Sindh there is alleged to be 200 billion tons of coal. Coal is the short to medium term best option for rapid increases in electricity production, using Chinese assistance mainly and the simultaneous expansion of domestic industries around the coal power sector.

This is NOT a promotional of ALLEGED BUSHARAF energy policies and Punjabi military rule, BUT what the poor poverty country needs using a randomly selected 1 ana youtube presentation.


The British and Americans have not undertaken any major strategic projects in Pakistan, AND further through the traitorous British created ISI, and other Punjabi kuta have in fact been arguing against received wisdom, that Pakistan on the contrary does not need to develop too quickly.......WHILST THE British/USA have developed South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia quite quickly as bull works against Communism from the 1950's.

Punjabi Pakistan was never so embraced where it mattered IN THE REAL SENSE, as with the above 5 countries.....despite being the best acha sahib kuta in Asia for the USA....since 1954. 

The USA has plied Punjabi Pakistan with huge quantities of second hand arms, worthless aid that end up in Swiss accounts and meaningless empty titles such as ....most important NATO non member. The Poooooooooooooooooooonjabi kuta never figured out that trick and double standard, and there after take the correct measures for Pakistan, the whole of Pakistan.

It takes fucking Mr. 10% with $4 billion stashed away in Swiss accounts OF ALL PEOPLE to give the symbolic fore finger to the USA....for Pakistan...how stupid and absurd. Maybe Zardar bhen's late spurt of nationalism after 5 years of wheeling and dealing has to do with elections around the corner, and is purely opportunistic

Beyond the ISI/CIA funded Fundie crackpots in the Poonjab NOT one credible leader in the Poooonjab can articulate and STATE policies which clearly distinguish Pakistan FIRST policies...which further divides Pakistan from gora sahib.

Zardari or even Sharif being saviors of Pakistan is a huge stretch. 

Pakistan cannot afford to take advice from the USA/UK on economic matters.......given their track record in Pakistan.

ALL LEDC nations must develop according to their own judgment and speed, however that judgment and speed must not be planned and decided by Washington and London, given their whimsical racism, and paranioa based foreign policies. 

One was a destructive former colonial empire, still suffering from imperial pretensions, and the other one is  an actual empire with 1000 military bases around the world, and on the warpath in the Greater Middle East.....egged on by the conspiring JEW.  

Pakistan shrugs off US opposition to IP gas pipeline

By presstv.com

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari says his country will push ahead with the long-awaited Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline despite US attempts to hinder the project.

“It is a project of immense importance to people of Pakistan,” Zardari said on Tuesday, noting that his country desperately needs energy.

“Pakistan is our priority and...we do things for [our] national interest and not for any other reason,” the Pakistani president said in response to the United States warning to Islamabad to “avoid activity that could result in sanctions.”

The president stressed that Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project should be seen as “a measure [taken] to overcome the power shortage in the country.”

Pakistan says it suffers from a crushing energy crisis and the construction of Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline aims to allay the energy shortage.

Iran has already built 900 kilometers of the pipeline on its soil and it has offered to finance and help build the 700-kilometer tranche of the pipeline on the Pakistani side.