The Tragedy of Iraq, and USA manipulation since the 1950's


Barbarian Rhapsody

By Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque: High Crime and Low comedy at the American Emperium Blogsite.

All forms of political media -- in print, on line, on the air -- have been awash in recent weeks with retrospectives on the tenth anniversary of the American-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003. 

Amidst the mountainous heap of drivel and falsehood such an occasion inevitably produces among the vast and vapid army of analysts who happily spend their days chewing the cud of whatever happens to be the conventional wisdom of the day, there have been a few outstanding pieces that put this continuing war crime in stark perspective.
One of the better short pieces I've seen on the subject comes from -- of all people -- an actual Iraqi. Sami Ramadani, a dissident forced into exile by Saddam, has been one of the most insightful observers -- and vociferous opponents -- of the atrocities inflicted on his country by Western elites and their local collaborators (including, of course, for many decades, Saddam Hussein: SADDAM HUSSEIN was recruited by the CIA in the mid 1950's, whisked to Lebanon for his own safety by the CIA where he was given espionage training, and then to Cairo under CIA Nasser, then shipped back to Iraq to do his work for the CIA from 1963......Adel Darwish and Gregory Alexander: 'Unholy Babylon' ----Saddam was a CIA trained psychopath, who tortured animals for R&R in Cairo, when not attending his studies there.

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). From the Guardian:

Ten years on from the shock and awe of the 2003 Bush and Blair war – which followed 13 years of murderous sanctions, and 35 years of Saddamist dictatorship – my tormented land, once a cradle of civilisation, is staring into the abyss.Wanton imperialist intervention and dictatorial rule have together been responsible for the deaths of more than a million people since 1991. And yet, according to both Tony Blair and the former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright, the "price is worth it".
Blair, whom most Iraqis regard as a war criminal, is given VIP treatment by a culpable media. Iraqis listen in disbelief when he says: "I feel responsibility but no regret for removing Saddam Hussein." (As if Saddam and his henchmen were simply whisked away, leaving the people to build a democratic state). It enrages us to see Blair build a business empire, capitalising on his role in piling up more Iraqi skulls than even Saddam managed.As an exile, I was painfully aware of Saddam's crimes, which for me started with the disappearance from Baghdad's medical college of my dearest school friend, Hazim. The Iraqi people are fully aware, too, that Saddam committed all his major crimes while an ally of western powers. On the eve of the 2003 invasion I wrote this for the Guardian:

"In Iraq, the US record speaks for itself: it backed Saddam's party, the Ba'ath, to capture power in 1963, murdering thousands of socialists, communists and democrats; it backed the Ba'ath party in 1968 when Saddam was installed as vice-president; it helped him and the Shah of Iran in 1975 to crush the Kurdish nationalist movement; it increased its support for Saddam in 1979…helping him launch his war of aggression against Iran in 1980; it backed him throughout the horrific eight years of war (1980 to 1988), in which a million Iranians and Iraqis were slaughtered, in the full knowledge that he was using chemical weapons and gassing Kurds and Marsh Arabs; it encouraged him in 1990 to invade Kuwait…; it backed him in 1991 when Bush [senior] suddenly stopped the war, exactly 24 hours after the start of the great March uprising that engulfed the south and Iraqi Kurdistan…"

But when it was no longer in their interests to back him, the US and UK drowned Iraq in blood.

…We haven't even counted the dead yet, let alone the injured, displaced and traumatized. Countless thousands are still missing. Of the more than 4 million refugees, at least a million are yet to go back to their homeland, and there still about a million internal refugees. On an almost daily basis, explosions and shootings continue to kill the innocent. … Lack of electricity, clean water and other essential services continues to hit millions of impoverished and unemployed people, in one of the richest countries on the planet. Women and children pay the highest price. Women's rights, and human rights in general, are daily suppressed.
And what of democracy, supposedly the point of it all? The US-led occupying authorities nurtured a "political process" and a constitution designed to sow sectarian and ethnic discord. Having failed to crush the resistance to direct occupation, they resorted to divide-and-rule to keep their foothold in Iraq. Using torture, sectarian death squads and billions of dollars, the occupation has succeeded in weakening the social fabric and elevating a corrupt ruling class that gets richer by the day, salivating at the prospect of acquiring a bigger share of Iraq's natural resources, which are mostly mortgaged to foreign oil companies and construction firms.
Warring sectarian and ethnic forces, either allied to or fearing US influence, dominate the dysfunctional and corrupt Iraqi state institutions, but the US embassy in Baghdad – the biggest in the world – still calls the shots. Iraq is not really a sovereign state, languishing under the punitive Chapter VII of the UN charter.
Yes, it has certainly been, as Barack Obama memorably characterized it, a "remarkable achievement." It is also, more and more, a forgotten "achievement." America's amnesia regarding the war crime in Iraq and its continuing ramifications -- not only the repression and death still going on there, but also the catastrophic impact of this atrocity on America itself, including the tsunami of suicide, homelessness and PTSD among its soldiers, and the back-breaking costs of this orgy of corruption and war-profiteering -- is indeed remarkable. It is no longer a reality -- a living, anguished, ongoing human tragedy -- but simply fodder for commentary, for partisan point-scoring, for barroom blather. This has always been the case with our misbegotten wars of imperial domination (for an especially acute and egregious example of our chronic amnesia, see this review of Nick Turse's new book, Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam), going back to the 19th century. And the "paradigm-changing" iadvent of the internet has done nothing to change that; despite today's easy access to unprecedented levels of information about the realities of the Iraq war (and other high crimes and atrocities), the amnesia and willful ignorance remains as profound as ever.

So here we are. Ten years on from the frenzied paroxysm (or was it an orgasm?) of mass violence -- which was itself the culmination of years of the bipartisan war-by-sanctions that American officials have openly acknowledged killed more than half a million Iraqi children -- what is the central "moral" issue of our national politics today? This once-unimaginable, horribly depraved and obscene question: Should the president be allowed to murder any American citizen he chooses, or should there perhaps be be some kind of secret Congressional oversight of the secret killing program? 

(The idea of restricting the president's power to kill any filthy foreigner he chooses is not in question anywhere in our national politics, of course; Rand Paul wasn't filibustering against that idea. No, any debate on the "ethics" of state murder is restricted to its application to Americans, who, as we know, are the only fully human beings on the face of the earth.)
(This would be the racist interpretation of the Jewish International bankers from Wall Street .......ALL nations on earth are mongrelised/mixed which has taken place over 40,000 years of human migration. This includes Israel: Professor Shlomo Sand: The Invention of the Jewish People (Verso Books, 2009). Even "Aryan" Germany is mongrelised, made up of Stone age neolithic people....heavy set stocky bodies, with pronounced jaws...........and CELTIC people, especially in the southern part...Indo-Europeans from the steppes of Northern Russia...and in their wake and footsteps, finally Slavs who followed them into Germany....there may also be Latin people in Germany, due to historical connections...and the country contains 12 million non-Germans guest workers.

In the case of the JEWSA the multi-racial element is far more pronounced as it has taken place more recently...especially since 1965, when the Jewish lobby enacted immigration laws to allow other non-European races into the country. On the one hand The PARANOID Jew ENJOYS the benefits of Occidental society where most of them reside---Israel is a copy of an European country...and not of a Middle Eastern Jewish state, like the rest of the neighborhood. BUT the Jew is perpetually fearful of the dominant Occidental group, and thus the retroactive damaging policies which divides the USA further from its European roots, and as a modern state.

ANYWAY optimistically speaking for the rest of the world, the African American population which unofficially is about 48 million will hopefully increase to 70 million by 2050, and the Latin-American population around say 55 million including illegals, will become 130 million out of a total population of 440 million again by 2050. Currently non-European Americans, including Catholic Latinos make up 34% of the USA population, but by 2050...that component will increase to maybe 55%, and thus tipping the balance in favor of people of color running the USA for the first time.

You will note that most of the mass murders and torturers pictured above are males....who have made huge business profits for themselves on the basis of killing and torturing poor, innocent, weak people of color in LEDC third world countries.  That hopefully will change when significant racial changes take place in the coming decades in the JEWSA....HOPEFULLY?

An American acquittance once stated that he thinks that the AMERICAN EMPIRE WILL LAST FOR ANOTHER 20 YEARS......I would like to see it go in the next few years...5 years at most, so NO more American military bases in Japan, South Korea, Germany, Middle East, South America and everywhere else...all 1000 of them, DISMANTLED.

Barack Hussein Obama is a "House Nigger" groomed by the CIA at an early age, with his mother and father possibly both working for the CIA, compiling lists of people for the various USA backed dictatorships in SE Asia and Africa. Therefore not much must be expected from him and his smooth wiles. It is also possible that he is being blackmailed by Israel for his homosexuality...with his preference for white male partners....which I think is telling about this "House Nigger'.

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What the faggot spooks personify though, AND have is .....child pedophile rings, drugs running into their own nations, terrorism, regime destabilization, currency counterfeiting, misplaced propaganda, disinformation, the celebration of perverse homosexuality, the celebration of war and conflict, torture chambers, secret prisons......................and much more. How one relates this and celebrates this with good looking North Europeans I cannot comprehend.




Given the current trajectory of our plunge into barbarism, I predict that in just a few years we'll be "debating" whether the president has the right to stick the severed heads of "terrorists" on spikes outside the White House, or if the heads should be passed around discreetly to members of the relevant Senate committees before being dumped in the ocean.