Delusional Lazy Pedesterian Mediocre Peacocks...blurting out meaningless blurry platitudes and sound bites, which have no clear objectives for massa Joe Fink.

In the most corrupt nation on earth according to Transparency International 2013, due to deliberate American policy, so called democratic elections have no meaning . There fore the 2014 presidential elections will not be the key to a meaningful and constructive future for Afghanistan. 

In the Grand Scheme of things Afghanistan will remain a glorified military base, after 2014 for American destabilization and drone wars in Pakistan, Iran, Central Asia and eventually China as part of the East Asian pivot. Afghanistan itself will be neglected and abused, as it has been since the Soviets left in 1989, by the USA.

Afghanistan is a lemon that has to be squeezed, with all its juices and pips, and discarded, for the Americans. 

The racist American military/CIA brought in kill teams into Afghanistan, special ops people, and house to house searches at night, attacks on wedding parties, attacks on funerals, attacks on Friday prayer gatherings, and even village elder meetings...........village farmers innocently fingered as terrorist, then executed with AK-47 dropped next to them to get the body count quota; women raped, children's testicles crushed in front of their parents...and the strafing of children by helicopter gunships whilst collecting wood for cooking, or simply playing out in the open.

No general faggot peacock neanderthal, in nearly 12 years of "war' the JEWSA has not won, because there was never a VICTORY to win in the first place.........as if he didn't know; Afghanistan is another manufactured war......with all the pomp and circumstance of searching for 100 or so alleged 'al-CIA-duh" operatives, and the Taliban which was created by the CIA in 1994 as "Controlled Opposition" with the help of the ISI, WHICH, provided the rational for the later invasion in 2001 and 9/11.

BUT some Americans have won, and are winning...mostly Jews in Wall Street.

Afghanistan has been turned into a giant Opium plantation by the Pentagon/CIA.

The peacock faggot general should know this fundamental urban legend fact. If he does not know he should he fired. If he does then he is merely a faggot peacock neanderthal LAIR.......SMOOTH TALKING HIS SOUND BITES WRITTEN by the Pentagon.

I am of the opinion that if you mistreat the native population, and turn their country, Ariana into a giant opium plantation, and continue with an aggressive occupation....house to house searches...kill teams quotas as with Vietnam..AND is the county as a base to abuse other countries...and don't undertake any serious development....but instead divert funds to CRIMINALS with the Pentagon/CIA and their bank accounts in the Gulf....promote the worst type of Afghans into positions of power within a narco state......THEN there can be NO VICTORY IN SUCH A SORRY STATE....ONLY UTTER FAILURE...and Vietnam.

The Christian Fundamentalist Pentagon/CIA could try the Japan post WWII model in Afghanistan WITH SINCERITY, and honest effort...this will require character, and great effort in the League of General MacArthur. It means getting rid of the criminals in the Afghan government who coordinate and acquiesce  their work with criminals in the Pentagon and CIA.

The noble Aryan people of Afghanistan are tired of 33 years of war imposed on them unjustly.

The Soviet Invasion 1980--1989, where 1.5 million died, and 5 million became refugees in Iran and Pakistan.

The Civil War of 1991--1996, where criminal warlords came to the fore.

The Bizarre Medieval Taliban rule, coordinated and backed by the CIA/ISI. 1994-2001.

The invasion of Afghanistan by the JEWSA and its dogs in 2001, after Israel carried out 9/11. This has not been an happy experience for the last 12 years so stated by ordinary Afghans and good Americans, where many crimes have been committed, as stated above.

As tired and war weary as the noble Afghans might be, I am quite sure eventually they will eject ALL foreigners from their country. It is a matter of time. Sheer slippery bad faith from the JEWSA guarantees it. 
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0c/Andronovo_culture.pngFile:Indo-Iranian origins.pngFile:Scythia-Parthia 100 BC.pngFile:Indo-European isoglosses.png
File:Map of Vedic India.png

Celtic Prince Harry killing more unarmed Afghan civilians, whilst shipping drugs into the UK....To kill more British children.


The International drug trade worth about $1 trillion per year is mainly run by Jews, AND NOT BLACK people....in collusion with International Jewish banks, so this Ridley Scot movie is misleading, but given that the director works in Hollywood, it is not allowed to talk about International Jewish crime.

New US Commander in Afghanistan: We’re Here to Win

Sees 2014 Elections as 'Key' to Next Decade

by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com

11 and a half years into a military occupation that has gone from bad to worse, the US has a new commander in Afghanistan. Gen. Joseph Dunford, the latest in a long line of commanders, still sees a military victory on the horizon.
“I’m very clear that we’re here to win,” Dunford insisted, adding that he believes elections in 2014 in Afghanistan are crucial to the decade to follow. The US has signed a deal to keep troops in Afghanistan through 2024.
Dunford expressed confidence that the strategy in place for years is on track, and that the continued transition of security to Afghan forces control remains a key goal, and one he is optimistic about, and insists the only threat remains “lack of confidence.”
That’s never been a problem for incoming US commanders, who seem to come into the war every year or so brimming with optimism about staying the course, only to leave at the end of a very brief tour as leader thoroughly exhausted, and giving way to another general with an equally rosy outlook.