JEWSA Genocide and War Crimes in Iraq.


‘The Supreme Crime Against Humanity’ in Iraq, and Beyond

Phillip Crawford at antiwar.com

Ten years ago this month, Operation Iraqi Freedom began.

The invasion of Iraq occurred in spite of protests of millions of people around the world. Massive demonstrations took place in the months leading up to the war. On Feb. 15, 2003, there were protests in more than 1,000 cities and on every continent. Never before had such a huge antiwar movement sprung up before a war had even begun. At the time, The New York Times described this global peace movement as the world’s “second super-power.”

Ignoring the desire of the world’s people for peace, Congress authorized George W. Bush to attack Iraq. Democrats controlled the Senate at the time and could have prevented the war. But a number of Democratic leaders — including Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry — opted for violence. To their credit, Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, and California Sen. Barbara Boxer were among the Democrats who resisted the call to arms.
As many in the peace movement predicted, the reasons given to justify the war were proven to be false. Saddam Hussein did not have an active program to produce weapons of mass destruction, Iraq had no connection to the terror attacks of 9/11, and the invasion did not bring freedom or democracy to Iraq.

(The narrative for invasion changed from the JEWSA administration many times, as each allegation proved false over the passage of time---2003---2013. The JEWSA Jew media amplified and repeated these lies, backed by the Jewish run Israel friendly UK:
  •  Saddam is a bad person who has WMD's which can be deployed in 45 minutes against the USA...Marvel Comics.
  • Socialist Saddam Hussein works covertly with Sunni Wahabi "al-CIA-duh" against the USA, and therefore is involved in 9/11.
  • Saddam is a bad person who is a threat to his neighbors, and someone who has actually conducted two wars against two of his neighbors. True, but these wars were either directly (Jordan, in meetings with the CIA) approved against Iran in 1979, and or tacitly against Kuwait.....Ambassador Gillespie in Baghdad 1990 talking with Saddam, the CIA agent. "We don't get involved in family quarrels"..Green Light. One wonders how much 'Dutch courage' the Iraqi military or Saddam would have had to attack neighbors in the first place, without the verbal, financial...directly and through Saudi and the Gulf States, chemical weapons, conventional weapons, spares and ammunition, satellite imagery, psychological and social backing of the USA.
  • Saddam is a threat to his people, and genocides and killed countless numbers of people. 
  • Saddam is a threat to Saudi Arabia, our best ally in the Greater Middle East.
  • We are in Iraq to get rid of a bad tin pot dictator, and build up Iraq as a modern functioning democracy.
 This is UTTER Jew BS.

The CIA on the eve of invasion controlled Saddam's head of Intelligence, AND nearly all the top military brass, which obviously explains why there was a no show by the 400,000 strong Iraqi military during the invasion.... they simply did not fight. 

Saddam lacked the funds to run his country, let alone pay his military after 1991, and Desert Storm....the CIA on the other hand did have the funds. The actual resistance to the JEWSA invasion came from the peoples fidayeen, and later unemployed Sunni military personnel.

SO, most of the OFFICIAL stated objectives of the JEWSA could have been achieved in Iraq via the CIA's network in that country....Disarm and neuter Iraq...WITHOUT an invasion. The IAEA inspectors had done their work as Scot Ritter of the CIA verified.

HOWEVER if you have unstated, unofficial, unspeakable, unmentionable objectives in Iraq then you do need an invasion of the country. Along with the invasion force you bring in Israeli advisers of about a few 1000. You bring in black ops death squad people from Afghanistan and former South American veterans of the Dirty Wars of that continent. 

You turn the society upside down, and change the structure of society which has existed for 1300 years which guarantees blow back and civil strife.....in Imperial Russia, the International Jews promoted Slavs disproportionately, discriminating against Indo-Europeans from 1918...it was also a racial revolution. In Iran the International Jews favored Arab looking Iranians who spoke Farsi with an Arabic accent, and had clear Arabic names from 1979.

Then you get the special ops people to do their dirty work, and then blame it on specific ethnic groups to stoke civil strife...of which the USA, and UK were specifically involved. As a result maybe 1.5 million people die, and 5 million become refugees under your jurisdiction. Then you equate Iraqis with dirty filthy Arabs who somehow were involved in 9/11. Then you get the average American enraged against Iraqis, against whom their catharsis for 9/11 takes place.

The unstated JEWSA objectives after invasion were:
  • Revenge against the Babylonians for defeating the Israelite state and enslaving them to Babylon 2600 years ago.
  • Destruction of the Iraqi Intelligentsia, especially the technical scientific community.
  • Destruction of the Iraqi State into 3 waring sub-states of Sunni, Shia and Kurdish.
  • Theft of Iraqi assets....oil, ancient historical artifacts..and so on. Huge amounts of Iraqi oil has disappeared via Turkey mainly, without being paid for and no money going to the Iraqi provisional governments or Maliki governments.
  •  Installation of a corrupt puppet government that according to Transparency International is one of the most corrupt states on earth, and the destruction of the state bureaucratic structure.
  • War profiteering--destroy and rebuild via the vast military industrial complex of the JEWSA. Iraq will cost the JEWSA trillions of $ (Harvard study). The cost is borne by the American taxpayer....the middle class and the working class, grunting in the heat of Iraq. The beneficiaries are Dick sucking Cheney's and the Jews within the military Industrial complex. 
  • The tens of $10 billions of theft of Iraqi reconstruction, AND DoD operational costs by fat faggotty sleazy Americans into their private banks in the Gulf.....just beyond belief. Gravy train on a monumental scale.
  • RACE Psychology---The International Jews for race baiting reasons, and social engineering reasons are flooding the JEWSA with people of color, especially since 1965. This generates enormous resentment among Americans of European descent for a variety of reasons. Invading Third World people of color countries provides a significant outlet for Bubba pickup truck fuck, and their latent pent-up racism against what is happening in the JEWSA. The JEWSA military is a narrow working class organization dominated by European Americans with low levels of education...where evangelical Christianity; religious Jihad; small town habits; heavy metal racist rock and narrow mindedness is promoted....it does not attract America's finest who instead opt for the private sector...but is good for Bubba pick-up truck fuck.
  • Ertez Israel--Religious extremist in Israel believe that Greater Israel must be achieved. That means that states which fall within Ertez Israel must be destroyed. This means installing "al-CIA-regimes" in such orbit countries near Israel. This means subsequent mobilization of neo-Crusader forces to attack the "al-CIA-duh" regimes to 'save the earth'.......this is the cynical process taking place in Syria right now, AND what took place in Afghanistan from 1994, where the CIA via the ISI promoted the Taliban, AND then invaded the country to 'save the world'. That is why Iraq had to be invaded.
BUT you can't sell wars on the above immediate points, domestically or internationally so you BS via the CIA 'Slam Dunk' and BS originating from the CIA assets in Italy, P2, mafia and Gladio circles initially. Then you circulate it in the 'ECHO CHAMBER" of Europe.....where the French laugh at it, and reject it, and subsequently oppose the Iraqi invasion, but is well received by New Labour UK, and crypto-Jew Blair. Add Aluminum tubes, and "Curveball" from the German BND.

Then you have a 'war' against CIA Saddam, where you reject his offer to resign and live in the Gulf during 'Negotiations'.

The CIA and the JEWSA presently is the main threat to the harmony of the EARTH.....Through the so called 'Arab Spring' "al-CIA-duh' type people are being promoted into power in the Greater Middle East, with their violent Wahabi revolutionary backgrounds. 

This does not bode well for the future......faggot spooks will no doubt get excited, and may enter the center stage, feeling proud that they have achieved more good work, with such cleverness....but for the rest of the earth, especially the poor, and the weak in Third World countries will continue to suffer due to these psychopathic faggots who work for the International Jews. 

The invasion and occupation of Iraq killed hundreds of thousands, and left more than 600,000 Iraqi orphans. At least 4 million Iraqis have become refugees. More than 4,000 Americans died in Iraq and tens of thousands were wounded.
During the occupation, Gen. David Petraeus, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other U.S. officials oversaw a network of torture, death squads and secret prisons. Torture is rampant in Iraq today and the Iraqi government is one of the most corrupt on Earth. Violence against women has increased dramatically. Millions of Iraqis are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. 

Seventy percent have no access to clean water. Because of the destruction of Iraq’s sewage treatment plants, factories, schools, hospitals and power plants by the U.S. military, Baghdad is rated the world’s least liveable city by the Mercer Quality of Living survey. According to the Global Peace Index, Iraq is the second most dangerous country in the world (after Somalia).
The invasion is viewed by many as a “mistake.” In reality, it was a crime. In the words of Benjamin Ferencz, who prosecuted Nazi leaders at Nuremberg: “A prima facie case can be made that the United States is guilty of the supreme crime against humanity, that being an illegal war of aggression against a sovereign nation.”
Despite the deaths of hundreds of thousands and the incredible suffering inflicted upon millions, none of the people responsible for planning and executing the war have been prosecuted, and most continue to enjoy positions of power and privilege.
The U.S. government is now planning another act of aggression — the invasion of Iran. The Times of Israel has reported the Obama administration is “gearing up” for a strike on Iran, with the “window of opportunity” for bloodshed opening this June. Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program will provide the pretext, despite the consensus among U.S. intelligence agencies that Iran has no such program.


Phillip Crawford is an attorney and President of the Monterey Peace and Justice Center.