"To the Edge of Armageddon"




By aangirfan

Al-Jazeera Caught Filming Fake attack in Syria.

France's President Emmanuel Macron says of a possible US led attack on Syria:

'Our decision will not target allies of the regime (Russia) or attack anyone (Syrians) but rather attack the regime's (alleged) chemical capabilities.'


Henry Makow‏ @HenryMakow

"Trump's Art of the Deal - bully and then make nice.

"My sense is that the West will back down. 

"Bullies hate a confrontation especially when public sentiment is against war."

Chris Murphy‏Verified account @ChrisMurphyCT

US Senator Chris Murphy on moves to attack Syria -

"Let me get this straight: we're going to bomb Syria, but next door in Yemen we are eagerly participating in a bombing campaign that has killed thousands of civilians?"

James Perloff‏ 

ALEXANDER MERCOURIS writes that Trump draws back on criticism of Russia.

Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrump

"Russia needs us to help with their economy, something that would be very easy to do, and we need all nations to work together. Stop the arms race?"
12:37 PM - Apr 11, 2018

"Much of the bad blood with Russia is caused by the Fake & Corrupt Russia Investigation, headed up by the all Democrat loyalists, or people that worked for Obama. Mueller is most conflicted of all (except Rosenstein who signed FISA & Comey letter). No Collusion, so they go crazy!"
2:00 PM - Apr 11, 2018

The former UK Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, says that the Douma Chemical Attack is fake.

In an interview with BBC Radio Scotland, Ford criticises the UK government and the BBC and the mainstream media for falling down in the job of investigating and verifying things.

Ford says: "Assad is not guilty."

Two ex-British ambassadors / Syria Insider

BBC Foreign News Producer Riam Dalati wrote on Twitter:

"Sick and tired of activists and rebels using corpses of dead children to stage emotive scenes for Western consumption. 

"Then they wonder why some serious journos are questioning part of the narrative." 

He later deleted that tweet, but not before others in the Twittersphere managed to grab a screenshot of it.