Anne Coulter on Trump

President Trump has to rely on power groups to keep him in the running for 2020.....which is his objective. Maybe he wishes to pass the baton on to his son DT junior?

On the other hand, he has to keep his faith with the true Trump base, which wants:

1) Immigration sorted.....not merely tampered with.

2) Globalist trade deals.(Nasty NAFTA---where American jobs went South)

3) No more wars for the GLOBALISTS.(Wherein President Trump surrenders his powers to the MIC--Deep State)

In such a light it is never good for Trump to flip-flop like Hilary with Syria, "I was against the war before I was for it.".....after the Saudis/Israel put money into The Clinton Foundation.

Sheldon 'Casino King" Adelson.

Syria is Russia's backyard since 1958, and the USA has no business there.