Is Trump going Hilary---if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, and looks like a duck---then its Donald "Hilary" Duck

Amassing a WAR cabinet.......going to war for ISRAEL.

President Donald CHUMP is sounding like Hilary.

Why this desperate need to sound and act like Hilary?

Hilary was/is deeply corrupt and criminalised. She was wholly incompetent as secretary of state...and basically, her job was to grandstand on the most extremist positions that money could buy at the most appropriate forums as secretary of State in THE STATE DEPARTMENT (Further criminalising the already criminalised $25 billion State Department), and then wait for the donations for her foundations to flow in----that was it.

No STRATEGIC VALUE to the USA in her policy statements.

No rational value to her positions as SOS.

No moral value.

No esoteric value in terms of the whole world.

No 'Christian' value to her policy positions.

MOST EXTREMIST POLICY=MORE MONEY FOR ME AND BILL........from Israel, Saudi Arabia and any other mafia state one can mention.

Casino king Sheldon Adelson may give a few million to Donald, but the Trump base won't elect a Hilary 'light' in 2020.

That kind of Jew snake oil can't be sold even by the best salesman in the world.

Since when has a JEW facing corruption investigations dictated to the leader of the FREE WORLD what to do, and when to do it?