War crimes in Syria

This represents the criminal dysfunction of the USA.

Trump was elected on a non-interventionist card by 64 million Americans. That specifically the new American administration must FOCUS ON making America Great again, domestically......tackling the issues that vex and affect ordinary everyday Americans (no small task), in a way the intricacies of Middle East geopolitics does not.

BUT all politicians lie and they bait and switch after they come to power, taking their voters for sore suckers and losers who should have known better. The level of cynicism is astounding. 

When Trump won power on November the 8th, and Hilary's cries had barely ceased, he surrounded himself with several Deep State generals who were inclined to the Jewish neocons.

Trump then let these generals loose, within his administration....causing some embarrassment for him, and essentially in relation to the Greater Middle East he told these Deep State generals that they could do whatever they liked in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. Whereas CIA Obummer at least kept executive control of all major actions by the military, which is important when you are President of a $1.5 trillion hyper-power.

If you do otherwise you are courting disaster and foreign intervention.

So we have this war crime and genocide in Syria initiated by CIA groomed Obummer from 2011, under the so called 'Arab Spring' destabilisation program of the CIA/State Department for Israel (both his parents were CIA field officers....mother a USA national and papa a Kenyan national).

500,000 Syrians dead

1500,000 injured by war

7,000,000 internal refugees

6,000,000 external Syrian refugees

$350 billion infrastructure damage to the country. Who is going to pay for this? The USA? 

Millions of Syrian and other refugees heading to Europe for safety, corralled and managed by ISRAEL AND DEONME TURKEY, causing enormous social, political, economic and security problems for peaceful EU countries, resulting in :

(i)   Brexit
(ii)  The sudden popularity of extremist right-wing parties in the EU.
(iii) Plausible acceptability of the meme that CIA ISIS will do terror under NATO GLADIO programs in Europe.
(iv) The image that Arabs and Muslim are savages, even when they are refugees.
(v)  A fundamental disturbance of the social and ethnic fabric of Europe. 

This is a good days work by the USA, for Likud Israel.

Casino Trump should stop lying to his base, and reign in his DEEP STATE generals.......grab them by their faggotty balls and tell them exactly what he wants from them:

(i) Loyalty

(ii) Explicit support of his domestic agenda in the USA.

(iii) Cessation of mischief and misadventure abroad.

US Airstrikes in Raqqa Causing ‘Staggering’ Loss of Civilian Life

UN War Crimes Investigators Say at Least 300 Civilians Killed in Strikes

An independent commission of UN war crimes investigators have denounced a “staggering loss of civilian life” that has resulted from the escalation of US airstrikes against the ISIS-held city of Raqqa since the beginning of the Kurdish invasion of the city last week.
The Kurdish YPG has been advancing on Raqqa for months, and the US airstrikes in the course of that operation have killed a lot of civilians too, but its grown precipitously in thepast week, and the UN inquiry said US airstrikes in Raqqa had killed at least 300 civilians.
Paulo Pinheiro, the head of the UN commission of inquiry, warned the escalation of the US airstrikes had not only killed hundreds of people, but had also led to the displacement of 160,000 civilians from in and around the city, adding to the ever-growing problem of internally displaced persons within Syria.
Pinheiro went on to say that the US should not allow its fight against terrorism to be “undertaken at the expense of civilians.” Given how many civilians were killed in the course of the US airstrikes in Iraq’s invasion of Mosul, however, killing large numbers of civilians in increasingly par for the course in US operations inside large cities.
Human Rights Watch also chimed in, faulting the US for the use of toxic incendiary white phosphorus inside the city, saying it was unacceptable to use the chemical in populated areas, and that the US should show more care with such attacks.