Den of Vipers.............the dysfunctional Never Trumpers ADMINISTRATION


Rob Rosenstein needs to be fired now.

The President cannot live with a man who has betrayed him, within his administration.

The President cannot live with a man who has betrayed him, within his administration.....AND where the President has told his base publicly via twitter that he was betrayed by Rosenstein, last Friday.

To do otherwise will appear as inexplicable weakness on the part of the Presidency.

The time has passed where the President appeased everybody, but the true Trumper troops.

Now is the time to bring in Alex Jones as Communications Director, and Roger Stone as his Deputy working officially at the Whitehouse, side by side with the President on a daily basis.

Trumps base is 40% of Americans, and his popular support hovers widely between 50-60%. 

The job of Jones et al is to push the base passed 50%, and the popular vote over 60%+.

Once that happens it will be difficult to impeach the President.

And Trump is standing tall going into 2018, and 2020.

In addition Trump should not give the appearance that his key decisions are based on the advice of never Trumpers who betray him subsequently.

Trump has a fight in his hand against the Democrats and the Deep State.

That is a handful, which should not be compounded by hiring NEVER TRUMPERS WITHIN HIS ADMINISTRATION.

Get the True Trump Troopers in.