Seth Rich murdered by super bitch Killary

He is the leaker of DNC documents to Wikileaks........who after his murder set a bounty of $20,000 for any information that will identify his true murderers, and where obviously Wikileaks does not believe the police explanation that they were just bungling robbers.

The police say that Seth Rich was murdered in the course of a botched robbery, BUT nothing was stolen from him.

The 2 shots to his back suggest more of a mafia style pizzagate hit job.

When he arrived at the hospital he was still alive (Like Lady Diana after her accident) and that he may have been 'murdered' at the hospital by Deep State doctors on Hilary's orders.

He was murdered in a busy shopping area with many security camera's CCTV pointing at the murder scene, and yet none of the footage exist or have been released by police of the actual murder.

The police have not released the details of his computer to the public, even after they ruled that he was murdered by robbers.

Maybe a young angel like Seth Rich did not understand that his beloved party, the Corporate Democrats hate Russia more than the republicans....because essentially the Democratic Party is an elitist Wall Street run Globalist Party, and the reason why the Democratic Party since Bill Clinton's victory in 1992, has done more than any other party to forward the elitist globalist agenda:

1. One World government.

2. Borderless nations.

3. The Westphalian state is no longer relevant, but multilateral institutions headed and led by the USA's unilateralism, dressed in the language of American neo-liberalism and multilateralism.

4. Permanent war.

5. Institution of a police state, to neutralise possible opposition.

6. A death spiral to the bottom where workers become debt ridden serfs, and bonded labourers working for next to nothing.

7. Free market trade, dominated by MNE's.

8. Highly flexible liquidified international capital based on speculation.

Seth Rich was not privy to the DNC 'protocols' and this angst and naivety killed him.