Ariana under 16 years of hostile, permanent war and occupation

The USA's occupation of Afghanistan is similar to the USA's colonial occupation of the Philippines where after defeating old colonial Spain, the USA illegally occupied the Philippines, and began a Krieg der Vernichtung, resulting in war crimes and mass genocide of indigenous people which has had significant psychological, physical and political implications even to this day in that sad developing nation in SE Asia.

President Duterte's fundamental struggle is therefore is about cutting this tragic and dangerous colonial legacy, and the concurrent American counter actions to maintain the old colonial links through the corrupt old elite of the Philippines, the USA trained security services (The Philippine military, Intelligence and Police  Duterte's police 'smuggled guns to Philippines ISIS jihadists'  ) and open destabilisation of the Duterte agenda through the introduction of (CIA) ISIS fighters from Indonesia, along with illegal shipments of arms into the country.

May President Duterte succeed, for his country, for the region of SE Asia, and the people of the world against the USA empire.

The USA entered the Philippines, under the pretext of 'liberating' the country from the Spanish....and then began occupying the country for the next 118 years effectively to this day. ......using its military muscle, and the subversive wiles of the CIA/State Department....and not through any good deeds (development, modernisation, governance, trade, true security......or even Pure Christian charity and love for Jesus, the saviour).

The Philippines is predominantly a Christian country, converted into the religion by the Spanish over 500 years.

In Afghanistan since November 2001, after a pre-planned invasion, the USA officially has spent about $800 billion, and 95% of that expenditure has gone towards expenditure of military occupation....and a mere 5% on development.

So it is not merely an alien foreign occupation as in the case of Germany in 1945, but it is a hostile occupation with on-going military operations against the local people, using USA, NATO and other troops....over 16 years. 2001---2017, with no end in sight, and the longest military operation in American history.

It is also deceptively artificial in that the Taliban against whom the USA is fighting purportedly is in reality, 'Controlled Opposition' created by the CIA in 1994 through the services of the Pakistan military, to serve as the excuse for the USA to enter the country eventually in 2001. The Taliban was/is managed and directed by the Pakistani military for the USA, with the USA providing significant military aid to Pakistan in lieu of their service. Top-up funds for the CIA Taliban come from CIA directed Qatar and other GCC countries.

The Taliban is a CIA show, which allows the USA the excuse to stay (rather tenuously) in Afghanistan, under the excuse that the USA selflessly is fighting them unto eternity, to protect the USA and the world.

The CIA Taliban has their ONLY international high profile official office in Doha, Qatar, where they mingle with 10,000 USA military personnel based there, as well as a naval base for the USA navy.

The CIA Taliban leadership reside in Pakistan's province of Baluchistan under the protection of the Pakistan military, and obvious full knowledge of the all knowing USA $1.5 trillion hyper-security state.

Why all this devious deception by the USA in order to conduct its longest war which has yet to finish, as stated by Mattis?

1. Attack and destroy 'al-CIA-duh' which in 2001 had its HQ in Afghanistan because of 9/11.

But 9/11 was carried out by the CIA/Pentagon as a false flag......and Mattis was one of many generals who participated in it. Mattis is also the general who in the 1990's formulated the plans to invade Afghanistan, a few good years before 9/11...'malice a fore thought'. OBL is dead, 'al-CIA-duh' has more or less disappeared from Afghanistan, and logically it does not take 16 years to totally eliminate 20,000 rag-tag bitter enders armed with mere AK-47's such as the CIA Taliban or 'Controlled Opposition'. 

The malice and deviousness of the Pentagon's desire to stay in Ariana where the excuse and objective has changed a million times depending on the direction of the fair weather wind, means that now the Pentagon/CIA has imported 6000 ISIS fighters into the Afghan 'war zone' from Syria/Iraq.....so that the USA may have its 'Final victory' in Afghanistan.....in the next decade or two.

2. Afghanistan purportedly affords the USA strategic reach viz a vi, Central Asia, China, Iran and the Persian Gulf. The full motivations for that is articulated by Zbig Brzezinski in his Magnus Opus important book, 'The Grand Chessboard' (1997--4 years before 9/11) which stated that in order for the USA to maintains its premier hyper-power position it 

(i) Had to have a physical presence in Eurasia..and 

(ii) From its base in Eurasia, prevent a rival such as China or Russia ever coming close to challenging the USA militarily, through destabilisation and Islamic terrorism......But in the era of nuclear submarines, ballistic missiles, spy satellites and strategic airlift, you no longer need to be physically present in a specific place to project your military/security power effectively, rather like the old colonial Brits grunting up the old Khyber in a 1930's Hollywood B-movie:

"The Geographical Pivot of History" was an article submitted by Halford John Mackinder in 1904 to the Royal Geographical Society, his 'Heartland Theory'. In this article, Mackinder extended the scope of geopolitical analysis to encompass the entire globe.....

A plagiarised idea from the British colonials rehashed implausibly by Zbig Brzezinski, a British spy of Polish nobility, and a puppet of the Rothschilds Globalists.

The CIA Gunga Din's along with the Pentagon nobly fighting for Empire whilst peddling Afghan heroin around the world, and siphoning USA tax payer funds in suitcases into bank accounts in the GCC.

In short, the USA does not need to be permanently based in Afghanistan, spending 800 billion plus $ in order to effectively check China and Russia (Not that I would support such an agenda in the first place, or shilling for American strategic power to be more effectively projected around the world).....a uni-polar world dominated by American militarism is a disaster for the USA and the world.

3. Afghan Heroin the CIA/Pentagon-----exported and imported around the world, including the USA, and the money laundered in NY and London big banks.....eg. HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai banking corporation) .....worth $50--100 billion each year.

4. Afghan occupation allows massive Pentagon corruption in that country. ....with USA taxpayer funds. Noble American warriors on RR, with suitcases full of cash going to the GCC banks to deposit their ill-gotten loot, and salute the flag.


Droopy Face Mattis: US to Start Winning in Afghanistan 'as Soon as Possible'

"We are not winning in Afghanistan right now. And we will correct this as soon as possible"

By Russia Insider
We have bad news and good news.
The "bad" news is that the foreign occupiers of Afghanistan are not currently winning. The "good" news is that Mad Pooch James Mattis, recently transferred from General Dynamics to the Defense Department, believes in miracles! 
Testifying before the Senate, Mattis told fellow geriatric John McCain that the US is "not currently winning" in Afghanistan. He also took full responsibility for that and assured the great country of the United States that he will turn things around.
Mattis did not specify how many more decades he and his olive-clad friends will need to start winning, but he did say it would be "as soon as possible".
Well, "as soon as possible" is good enough for us here at Russia Insider, and if it's not good enough for you, you probably don't thirst for the blood of Afghan wedding-goers as strongly as you should.

Propaganda movie filmed in Israel.......Israel armed and trained the Afghan Mujaheddin in the 1980's from bases in Pakistan. It was the biggest covert military operation in history (1979--1989)...$20-40 billion in weapons. It was initiated in July 1979 by Zbig Brzezinski of the St. Jimmy administration, taking their lead from the British super-spy at Princeton in the 1970's, Bernard Lewis ....original author of the 'Clash of civilisation' meme 'Arc of Crisis'.

Propaganda movie filmed in the USA and Afghanistan, with the cooperation of the Pentagon. A satirical, dark comedic look at the USA's illegal occupation of Afghanistan for 16 years.....and the absurdity and sheer stupidity of the Deep State generals who facilitated 9/11 and much else with woes that harm the USA....AND others around the world.

No real mention of Afghan heroin peddling by the CIA/Pentagon or the massive corruption that is associated with this military adventure...'gravy train'.

The American military personnel appear as lovable fumbling but fundamentally well intentioned people.